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Shaklee Get CleanT at the Emmys - September 2007

Shaklee Get Clean was featured at the first Green '07 Emmy Awards, in the prestigious Green Gifting Suite. Shaklee made a big splash as celebrities and media crowded around the Shaklee Get Clean booth to learn more about our company and products.

Shaklee gave away a "Green & Gorgeous" organic bag, designed by Scoop®* NYC that included Get Clean Basic H2T Organic Super Cleaning Wipes , Get Clean Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, and Get Clean Soft Fabric Fragrance Free Dryer Sheets. People Magazine®* also gave a gift bag to all Emmy nominees that included Shaklee Get Clean Basic H2 Wipes!

Deidre Hall William Shatner

Over one hundred A-list celebrities stopped by the Get Clean booth to hear about our company. They loved our environmental heritage and our non-toxic and natural cleaners. Check out what they had to say:

Kimberly Estrada (Lost) - "I would love a Starter Kit- I am so excited to also try the laundry products! I love the packaging and can't wait to get products to try."

Kate Flannery (The Office) - "I really want to use Get Clean in my home- I am so excited you are sending me a Starter Kit. I think what Shaklee is doing is really important."

Robert Gossett (The Closer) - "Shaklee is a solid brand and I really appreciate the work Shaklee has consistently done over the years. Thank you for all you do, Shaklee."

Deidre Hall (Days of Our Lives) - "I love Shaklee and what the company represents . I saw Shaklee on Oprah and have been so impressed by all that Shaklee represents- I think Roger and Sloan are remarkable and I love the company.""

Chris Harrison (The Bachelor host) - "Shaklee has an impressive history with the environment; I am really looking forward to trying these Get Clean-products."

Cassandra Hepburn (Actress) - "I am concerned about the environment so I use Shaklee products, we can use them in our home- thank you Shaklee for this gift- I am so excited and I love the wipes!"

Olja Hrustic (Spiderman 3) - "I am so into the environment, Wow- I can not wait to try Shaklee's Get Clean line, we have been making our home " green"- this is perfect."

Rex Lee (Entourage) - "I am really into the environment and I do think we can all do our part. I think it is important what you are doing at Shaklee."

Carl Lewis (Gold Medalist) - "Shaklee has been a leading brand and I want to thank you for all that you do for the environment- Shaklee has been around for a long time."

Heather Marie Marsden (Actress, film and Broadway) - "I have been really reading about toxins in the home and I am so happy to have products that I know are safe for my dog's health and for when I later have children."

Carlos Moreno Jr. (The Transformers) - "I would love to try a Get Clean Kit for my home, what a great company you work for."

Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie) - "My wife will love this! "Green" is really important to her, she will be really happy to get a Starter kit and to get these gifts from Shaklee!"

Marisol Nichols (24 TV series) - "I have been making my home " green" and really feel it is important that we all do make the effort, and I really want my family to be healthy- Wow, how many bottles of window cleaner can Basic H2 make ?"

Melanie Paxson (Notes from the Underbelly) - "I really want to try a Get Clean Starter kit- wow, what a beautiful packaged and impressive product - I can not believe how concentrated Basic H2 is- that is fabulous!

Sally Pressman (Army Wives) - "I don't want to breathe in chemicals in my home. Thank you for these products, I still can't believe that one bottle of Basic H2 makes all that cleaner, that is amazing."

Michelle Stafford (The Young and the Restless) - "My mom is big into the " green" products, (mom with her) We are so happy to find products like yours, we are really aware of our health and want to make our house totally Green- thank you for sending me a starter kit!"

Tanya Tucker ( Tuckerville) - "I know of Shaklee products, I love them --- your company has been around for a long time, I think the vitamins are great. Shaklee has been around a long time, I like that."

Jackie Watson (Actress) - "I want Shaklee products on my show. This is exciting. I am so into "green" and the packaging is really great."

These celebrities were thrilled to experience Shaklee. Share the News-use the photos, quotes and coverage as a sales tool to help you build brand awareness for Shaklee products and your Shaklee business.

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