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The HealthQuest, Jan 2019, Focus on Women and Children First
January 04, 2019

Welcome to HealthQuest - January 2019

In this issue: Putting Women and Children First

I’m excited about my new HealthQuest monthly newsletter, and I wanted to share just a few of the things I learned when I read it:

Research has shown that too many people are overfed but undernourished.

That seems to be the trend in our modern society. Starting as early as in the womb, we can help our children to grow up healthy and strong and get on the right track to long and healthy life.

Even if you are older, it is never too late to start down the road to better health.

Many of us are making New Years resolutions but many of us don't make it more than a month or so before we fall back into our normal routines. Why not start small and with a simple plan that you can stick with. Make this the year or health.

I hope you will find this newsletter as interesting as I did!

If you have any questions about the products mentioned in the Newsletter, I’ll be happy to help answer them.

The newsletter is online so you can access it anytime from anywhere. Just click the link below.

HealthQuest Newsletter

I hope you enjoy the newsletter. I believe it has even more good information on achieving and maintaining a HealthyLife and a HealthyPlanet.

Best regards,


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