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The Healthy Life Supplement, Issue #003
April 19, 2008

Welcome to the Healthy Life Supplement

In this issue:
-- Earth Day and Environmental Responsibility
-- Product Focus
-- Testimonials

Environmental Awareness and our Responsibilities

Today many of us at least pause and think about the environment and how we affect it when we make decisions. While most of us are not perfect, we at least are aware and do try to do our part. Much of this awareness can be attributed to events such as Earth Day.

April 22, 2008 marks the 38th anniversary of Earth Day, which was invented to commemorate environmental awareness. Much about the environment has changed for the better since the first Earth Day in 1970.

The first Earth Day represented the culmination of growing public concern over a series of well-publicized environmental disasters in the late 1960s. In 1969, for instance, a stretch of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio, caught fire as a result of industrial waste. That same year an oil rig rupture off the California coast near Santa Barbara and poured 200,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean.

In response to the public's demand for action, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) organized the first Earth Day celebration, which he modeled on the anti-Vietnam War teach-ins of the late 1960s. By some estimates, 20 million Americans participated in environmental rallies, demonstrations and other activities on that first Earth Day. That Earth Day event set the stage for the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the adoption of major environmental laws such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Today many companies are continuing to do their part. Working with the EPA, some forward thinking companies have taken the lead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These companies have joined together and helped create a program called climate leaders.

More than 100 companies are currently participating in the voluntary program. One company in particular is leading the way and truly living up to its philosophy of Living in Harmony with Nature.

The Shaklee Corporation has been doing “green” before it was the in thing to do. For over 50 years, Shaklee has been a leading provider of premium quality, natural nutrition, personal care and environmentally friendly household products, and state of the art air and water treatment systems.

As an EPA Climate Leader, Shaklee was the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral. This means they have a net zero impact on the Earth’s environment.

In 1960, Shaklee introduced one of the first biodegradable non-toxic cleaners in the U.S. It was super concentrated and used significantly less packaging. In 1990 this cleaner was named an official Earth Day Product.

Other examples of Shaklee’s commitment to environmental stewardship include:

  • The support of the Jacques Cousteau’s expeditions in the 1970’s

  • Sponsoring the first expeditions to the North Pole to measure Global Warming in the 1980’s

  • The planting of over 1 million trees in the Himalayas through the Sir Edmund Hillary foundation

  • Working with Dr. Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, to plant 1 million trees in North America and in Kenya.

  • Planting 5 trees every time someone signs up as a Global Ambassador to offset the CO2 created from shipment of the product kit.

  • Won the Family Circle Green Chip award as one of the top 10 most environmental companies

  • Had its home products used in the Biosphere II project

  • Having its products used aboard the Odyssey – a research vessel that gathers data on contaminates in the world’s oceans

  • Won the National Environmental Excellence Award

  • Converting high polluting school buses in Los Angeles to those with low emissions

  • Production of Earth-friendly products. Shaklee introduced a new line on nontoxic, super-concentrated household cleaners called Get Clean™. To date, sales of the Get Clean Starter Kit, which contains just about everything needed to clean your home, have helped offset 2,381 metric tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions, compared with conventional ready-to-use cleaners.

  • And the list goes on…..

If the top 500 companies in the world would follow Shaklee’s lead and become carbon neutral it would be the equivalent of eliminating a half a billion (500,000,000) cars from the roadways.

Just take the time to think about the decisions you make every day. Something as simple as the cleaner you purchase can make a huge difference in your family’s safety and the viability of the environment we live in.

Think about it!

Product Focus - Get Clean Household Products.

Get Clean

The small act of wiping your counters can change the world. When you use Get Clean™, you're never simply cleaning. While you make your home cleaner, you make your family healthier. You also make the planet healthier for other families as well. And if you think Get Clean works so great you tell others about it, imagine the ripples of change you can generate.

And you got it all by wiping the counters.

Clean Green

Get Clean™ products use biodegradable cleaning agents, which means they break down easily instead of hanging out in the ground for hundreds of years. They also have no phosphates, borates, nitrates, or other stuff the planet doesn't appreciate. And by making them super concentrated, we leave you to add water so we can subtract waste. This has tons of implications. Literally. Less weight to ship. Less product to use. Less packaging to throw away. So you can get that clean feeling about your house, knowing you're keeping the planet clean, too.

Powerful Clean

Seems like you always have to choose. Either you have cleaners that are as mean on the environment as they are on dirt. Or you have nice, sweet, eco-friendly cleaners (using the term loosely) that don't do diddly. Now you don't have to make a choice. Get Clean™ shows dirt no mercy. In fact, if you don't think Get Clean products work better than the other cleaners you've gotten used to, we'll give you your money back. Because we believe, first and foremost, cleaners have to clean.

When you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit it’s nice to know you are actually making a positive impact on the planet, as well as the health of your family and your budget:

  • Eliminates 108 pounds of packing waste from landfills

  • Eliminates 248 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions

  • It’s the equivalent of planting 10 trees.

Get Clean™ its

  • Smart for your wallet – the kit is equivalent to $3400 and 830 bottles of ready to use product

  • Smart for you – gives you a safer healthier home

  • Smart for the Planet – You are eliminating waste from our air and our landfills

Did You Know that The Pentagon uses Shaklee cleaning products? So all 440 toilets get cleaned with Basic G every day. Basic G lasts on a surface killing bad bacteria and viruses for up to 3 days.
Clorox kills these germs for only 1 hour. Lysol, Pine Sol, etc. do not kill ¼ of the kinds of organisms Clorox or Basic G do.

The cost of Basic G is about 30 cents per gallon. Compare for yourselves.. Why would anyone want to use anything else?

Shaklee products are also used by the National Zoo in Washington, DC, the US Department of the Treasury, and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Many US Park services uses the products as well.

Popeye's Chicken and KFC outlets also use safe, effective, economical Shaklee Cleaning Products.

The Cousteau Society uses only Shaklee Cleaning Products, Nutritional supplements, Personal Care Products on board their research ships and in their offices and homes as well.

Click to read more about Get Clean products---->

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Testimonials -

Basic H cleans just about ANYTHING!
Sunday 24 June 2007 @ 9:19 pm
I have a great testimonial from my daughter. She spilled red wine on her car seat, don’t ask how she did that! It was two days old and she sprayed it with Basic H, dabbed it, no rubbing, and it came out. She was cheesed! Basic H is amazing. I also had a friend that had a large stain on the back of her sweatshirt. She used Spray and Wash and washed it with no results. I told her to bring it to me! I sprayed it with Basic H, washed it with Nature Bright and Fresh Laundry. I was excited and when I showed it to her, she said get me some of that stuff!

Subject: Product Testimony: Basic-I
Being the owner of a small restaurant, I’m always looking for products to make cleaning up easier. I’ve been using Basic H around the house and it does a fantastic job. Now I’ve tried Basic I, and it does everything it said it could do and does it better than anything I have tried in the past. It makes clean up faster and easier than I expected. I even use it to mop the floor. I would highly recommend Basic I to anyone that has a problem with grease especially to restaurant owners.
I also mixed some to try as a grill cleaner, the product I used before was very caustic and the fumes I had to breathe in when I cleaned the grill definitely weren’t doing me any good. Basic I worked like crazy, the grill looked brand new!!!
~ A Shaklee Believer

Basic H for hunters
Sunday 24 June 2007 @ 8:53 pm
As a user of Shaklee Basic H for nearly 30 years, I have found it to be effective for numerous tasks, not all of which involved cleaning or disinfecting. On two occasions, my bird dogs were sprayed by skunks while in the field. Basic H is the ONLY solution I have ever found to be just about 100% effective in removing the odor.
Other uses I have found for Basic H includes eliminating human odor while deer hunting. When hunting clothes are washed with it, then stored in a plastic bag, human odors are eliminated. It also works on equipment wiped with a mild solution on a sponge, but the most important property Basic H has for the deer hunter is that it completely eliminates human body scent!
As a former Product Specialist for Cabela’s Retail, Inc., I have had the opportunity to use many of the so-called scent eliminators on the market today. While many of them do work to some degree, none of them, in my opinion, are as effective as Basic H. I simply use it full strength like a body wash when I shower each morning before going deer hunting. I wash my hair with it each day as well. Just make certain to keep it out of your eyes. In bathing with Basic H over the past 25 years, I have had deer come as close as three feet of me, downwind, without detecting me! My best buck was a magnificent 12-pointer, shot downwind of me at about 40 yards.
Basic H is an absolutely amazing product, and I am surprised that more hunters haven’t discovered its many uses for the sportsman.
~ Ron
Shaklee’s Basic-H - 16 ounces World’s Most Versatile Cleaner

Back in 1960, Basic-H was one of the first environmentally safe household cleaners on the market. Today, millions of bottles later, it’s more loved than ever.

Efficient, powerful, safe, biodegradable, and economical, Basic-H is the world’s most versatile cleaner, period. Sixteen ounces makes up to 90 gallons to clean hard surfaces, woodwork, walls, floors, glass, mirrors, even cars. Anything you can clean with water, you can clean with Basic-H. No wonder it was named an official Earth Day product.

I am writing this letter because of my appreciation for Shaklee cleaning products. As a cleaning company, I would highly recommend the products, because they not only cost less, but they clean much better, not to mention the safety to my people.
In the last five years I have tried many other products, including Amway and the Price Club. The cost in some cases were doubled; Price Club products cost me $539.00 per year, Amway cost me $378.00 a year, and Shaklee costs me only $176.55 per year.
I know many small businesses and homes try to save money by going to sales in town. I was one of those people. Then I was challenged to use Shaklee products for six months to see if I could save money. Well, I did and I am here to say Shaklee products will save you money too. I know that Shaklee products are helping me to accomplish my goals. Without Shaklee products we'd just be another cleaning company.

View a catalog of all that Shaklee has to offer.

Final Thoughts

I hope you were able to find something interesting or useful in the newsletter and you leave a little better educated than you came in.

I look forward to hearing your comments and questions. If you have a topic you would like addressed in future HealthyLife Supplements, please let me know.


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