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The Healthy Life Supplement, Issue #004
May 17, 2008

Welcome to the Healthy Life Supplement

In this issue:
-- Asthma - Some Causes and Effects
-- Product Focus: Vitalizer

Asthma - Some Causes and Effects

May is National Asthma Awareness Month

In 2007, the EPA reported that an average of one out of every 13 school-age children suffers from asthma. In fact, asthma has become the most common serious disease of childhood, and there are several well-designed epidemiologic studies that have documented a strong link between use of domestic and industrial cleaning products and risk of asthma.

“Unfortunately asthma has become a common serious disease of childhood,” says John Spengler, Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation, Department of Environmental Health at Harvard University. "When reviewing the rapid increases of asthma rates in America, it is critical to recognize the link between pollution and human health, including chemical and biological pollutants in indoor environments."

To help raise awareness around the asthma epidemic, Shaklee has teamed up with Harris Interactive (January 2008) to survey more than 1,000 American Moms about their perceptions of home cleaners and their safety.

Just a few of the powerful statistics are:

• 81% of moms believe that their household cleaning products can trigger asthma in children and adults
• 92% of moms reported that they want to use cleaning products that don’t harm the environment
• 94% of surveyed moms would discontinue use of their favorite household cleaning products if they learned that they might be harmful to their families’ health.

"Moms already know household cleaners can be hazardous if swallowed or spilled directly on your skin, but most don't make the connection that when these products are used as directed on floors, sinks and tubs, their families are exposed 24 hours a day." - Jane Houlihan, VP for Research at Environmental Working Group in Washington, D.C.

An asthma attack can be triggered by different things, It varies among different people but basically anything that irritates or affects your lungs and airways can trigger an asthma attack. The following list points out some of the more common triggers.

  • Chlorine: Studies show that chlorine can dry out the lungs.

  • Dehydration: Dry lungs can lead to difficulty in breathing.

  • Allergens: Mold, pollen, dust, and some foods (Basically anything that triggers other allergies) can affect asthma.

  • Home Cleaners: Many cleaners purchased over the counter contain toxins that are released both when being applied and continue to be released from your counters, tables and floors for hours after being sprayed.

  • Exercise: Use caution and common sense when exercising. Be aware of your body and any signals that might indicate an attack. Slow down. Don’t stop exercising just be more aware.

  • Smoke: Avoid areas where there is smoke. If you must be near someone smoking, try and place yourself near an open window or where there is a source of fresh air.

  • Stress : Stress weakens the immune system; therefore, asthma can be triggered by anything that causes you stress.

Allergies and asthma are both an indication the body’s immune system needs to be stronger. Noxious fumes from cleaners, laundry products and air fresheners affect the health of the lungs and immune system. Besides changing household cleaners to non toxic products, purifying the air in the home is also a good idea.

It once again comes down to what we are doing to and for our body. We take the body for granted and then give the responsibility to someone else, mostly the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies to “cure” our ailments.

The effectiveness of Vitamin C against asthmatic conditions was first done in the 1930’s. Please visit our page about Vitamin C and learn how it can help in disease prevention for asthma and a variety of other ailments. (or just continue reading... The product focus this month is Vitalizer which has an excellent source of vitamin C and many other vital nutrients)

I know of many families that have “done away” with the asthmatic symptoms just by eliminating the toxins in there home. Think about it.

Product Focus - Vitalizer.

(The following article was taken from the Landmark Study Report by Dr. Stephen Chaney, Ph.D.)

So what is in Vitalizer?

Each packet contains two Vita-Lea, Shaklee’s multivitamin-multimineral product. It is perhaps the most comprehensive, best balanced, multi on the market. A multivitamin is an important part of your nutrition foundation because only 3% of Americans actually eat a balanced diet every day, and multivitamin supplementation has been shown to be beneficial in multiple clinical trials.

That is why the American Medical Association recommends that most Americans use a multivitamin supplement on a regular basis. And Shaklee’s clinical studies have shown that the nutrients in Vita-Lea get into the blood stream, Vita-Lea alone can slow bone loss in post-menopausal women and Vita-Lea alone can reduce the incidence of colds.

Each Vitalizer packet also contains two tablets of Caroto-E-Omega, which provides all 6 naturally occurring carotenoids, all 8 naturally occurring forms of vitamin E and all 7 naturally occurring forms of omega-3 fatty acids.

What are carotenoids you might ask? They are the naturally occurring antioxidant phytonutrients found in all of those fresh fruits and vegetables that you are not eating. They are the nutrients that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors.

Carotenoids are thought to be important for eye health and to reduce the risk of many other diseases. And, Shaklee’s clinical studies have shown that the carotenoids are efficiently absorbed and get into your bloodstream.

Vitamin E is perhaps one of the best known antioxidants. It reduces inflammation and destroys free radicals, which are thought to be risk factors for many degenerative diseases.

However, the vitamin E story illustrates why it is so important to use all of the naturally occurring forms of these nutrients in balance, as Shaklee does. Some studies with high doses of pure a-tocopherol (the most common form of vitamin E) have suggested that it may actually do more harm than good. Experts feel this is because high levels of a-tocopherol actually interfere with the absorption of other forms of vitamin E, and those other forms of vitamin E also provide important benefits.

If the term omega-3 fatty acids doesn’t sound familiar, think ‘fish oil’. Omega-3 supplements have become very popular because of clinical studies showing that they reduce inflammation and inflammatory diseases, reduce triglyceride levels in the blood and are important for heart health and mental health.

They’ve also become popular as we have learned that many of our favorite cold water fish are often contaminated with heavy metals, PCBs and pesticides. Shaklee uses the highest purity, highest potency source of omega-3 fatty acids available and clinical studies have shown that those omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed from their product and get into the bloodstream.

The third supplement is Sustained Release B + C. The latest scientific research shows that both B vitamins and vitamin C are most efficiently absorbed when they are released slowly over the entire length of the small intestine. So Shaklee developed a new gel diffusion system to accomplish that.

B vitamins are important for energy, vitality and proper mental functioning.

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that has been shown to reduce the risk of cataract formation and to strengthen the immune system.

Shaklee’s clinical studies show that the B vitamins in Shaklee’s Sustained Release B + C are 81-98% better absorbed than if they were in a immediate release tablet. In addition, the vitamin C is retained in the bloodstream 6-8 fold better in the sustained release formulation.

The final supplement in the Vitalizer packet is Optiflora, Shaklee’s probiotic product. It provides the ‘friendly’ bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum which prevent “bad” bacteria and yeast from getting established in the intestine. These friendly bacteria strengthen your immune system and prevent the formation of toxins in your intestine. Clinical studies show that 90% of these bacteria reach the intestine intact, compared to 5-15% for most competing products.

That gives you a brief summary of what’s in each Vitalizer packet, some of the benefits those nutrients provide and some of the clinical studies that show that they work.

But the most remarkable feature of Vitalizer is the SMART (Shaklee Micronutrient Advanced Release Technology) delivery system. The various nutrients in Vitalizer are best absorbed at different places, at different times and at different rates, so it would make no sense to rely on a single delivery system the way most companies do.

Shaklee utilizes four different delivery systems in its Vitalizer packet to make sure that every nutrient is optimally utilized by the body. They use immediate release for folic acid. This important B vitamin is trapped in the interior matrix of most multivitamin and B complex supplements, leading to sub-optimal absorption.

Shaklee solved that problem by incorporating the folic acid into the coating of the Vita-Lea and patented the process.

They use delayed release for the Caroto-EOmega. These are all oil-soluble nutrients and the stomach is a water-based environment. Oil and water don’t mix well and this can cause poor absorption for these nutrients and other problems such as fishy taste and breath with omega-3 supplements.

Shaklee utilizes a pH sensitive coating that doesn’t release these nutrients until they reach the upper end of the small intestine. This is the perfect place to release them because this is where bile enters the intestine and solubilizes fats and fat soluble vitamins.

They use sustained release for the B + C supplement, which I have already described.

Finally, they use delayed release for the Optiflora probiotic complex. They use a triple encapsulation process that protects these delicate bacteria from stomach acid and doesn’t release them until it reaches the lower end of the small intestine, where they like to set up camp.

So that’s Vitalizer in a nutshell. Why should you use it?

There are three main reasons:

1. It is the only supplement program proven to create the foundation for a longer, healthier life. It combines the major supplements used by people in the Landmark study into a single convenient package. Furthermore, it is based on 12 clinical studies, with two more submitted for publication.

2. It is the only supplement program using a SMART delivery system to biooptimize the delivery of every nutrient. This delivery system is based on 12 patents, with two more pending.

3. It is the most comprehensive and convenient supplement program available. It contains 80 nutrients with 20 proven health benefits in a convenient once a day packet.

About The Author
Dr. Chaney holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Duke University and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from UCLA. Currently he’s a professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina where he teaches first year medical students and runs an active cancer research program.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you were able to find something interesting or useful in the newsletter and you leave a little better educated than you came in.

I look forward to hearing your comments and questions. If you have a topic you would like addressed in future HealthyLife Supplements, please let me know.


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