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Is this a pyramid?
NO. Pyramids have no product being sold to a consumer. They are illegal. This is like any other business that has customers who buy things from them. The business does not have a traditional retail location but instead has customers making purchases online. (top)

Is this a legitimate business opportunity?
Shaklee, the supplier and parent company, has been in business for over 50 years. They are the largest manufacturer of food supplements in North America and they are a leader in the network marketing industry. I have been using there products for almost 20 years. Shaklee has never had a distributors check be declined or bounced - EVER! (top)

How much does it cost?
It costs at least $20 to become a member with our supplier. I recommend you get a field testing order that can vary in price depending on what you choose. An option that I think is better if you want to build a business will cost $299 to start but it includes a field testing order and it gives you additional business building perks. You will also have some overhead but it will be very small compared to a traditional business. You need to have general office supplies and a computer with internet access. You will be using the internet and many free products found on the internet but there are times when a paid service is just plain better. These costs are again pretty small. For example, I just purchased a plan to have my own website and it was less than $5 a month. (top)

Is there help and support?
This training is just the beginning. I will be here along with everyone on my team to help you be successful. One thing you should have learned about network marketing is that my success depends on yours. Our supplier provides training and education on products and business and I can supplement that along with giving you training on how to use the internet to promote what you offer and get people to come looking for you. (top)

What do I have to do?
Redirect Spending - Promote and Share - Enroll others who want to redirect - Teach others to duplicate what you just did. (top)

How do I do it?
First, switch brands and buy from yourself. Second, share your story and find others interested in improving their health. Third, promote what you are offering through social networking on the internet. Finally, guide others like I am doing with you. (top)

How much can I make?
That is really up to you. The potential is umlimited. Take a look at what others are making... (top)

How long before I make money?
Again, this is really up to you. It depends on a lot of things including the time, effort and resources you are willing and able to use to build your business. But that is one of the great things about this plan. Even if you are not able to go fast, you are able to create a business. For most people you will want to think of this as a 2-5 year plan. It takes almost any business about 2 years before it is stable and making real profits. If you put in 5 - 10 hours a week you should be able to make director in a year and be able to have a monthly income of $2000 - $3000 by the end of the second year.
**This is not a promise but an estimate of what can be done. And no, I am not promising you thousands a week for just sitting by the pool, I am promising you a legitimate home business opportunity and my complete support to help you achieve your goals whatever they are.** (top)

Do I have to make sales?
Yes and No. The way you make money is through the sale of product. However, the purpose of this training is to show you how to build a business without focusing on direct sales. Educate others that come to you because they are interested in what you have. Promote what you have using the internet and social networking. You can also use other offline techniques if you are interested. It is all about you redirecting money and switching brands and the teaching others to do the same. By doing this, products get sold and profits are made. Find 5 - 6 people interested in changing brands and then find another 5 -6 people and teach them to copy what you just did and you can build a good income. (top)

How many people do I need to train?
This is all up to you. You have to redirect enough of your spending to create a block of effort worth at least 100PV. To make a monthly income of $2000 or more you should try to find at least 5 others willing to redirect their spending to create a 100PV block of effort and 5+ other people who you train to do what you just did (redirect and find 5 others to do the same) (top)

Do I have to bother friends and family?
No. You shouldn't bug, bother or pester anyone. You should share your story with those that are interested and guide them to do what you are doing. The goal is to get them to come to you using internet tools and social networking. In my experience, family and friends are the last to ask. You should let them know you are starting a business, and if they ask you can give them more information. If they are interested in knowing more let them come to you. Remember our goal is to share, guide and educate, it is not to specialize in direct sales. (top)

Why Should I choose MLM?
MLM or Network Marketing has been around for over half a century. It is a stable business plan. More than 2000 companies use network marketing. Our supplier, Shaklee, is one of the oldest and most respected companies in Network Marketing. Network Marketing provides the opportunity for anyone to start their own business without using a lot of money. To learn more go to Session 1 and watch the Power of Network Marketing Video. (top)

What is Residual Income?
Residual income is getting paid more than once on work you do one time. You can get paid years from now on work you do today. It is different from what most people do: Trade time for money or get paid only once for what you just did. Think of it as earning "profits or interest" instead of "wages". (top)

What makes Shaklee Special?
It is their committment to create products starting with the 3 p's: Purity, Potency, Performance and ending with the commitment to make products that: Always work, are Always Safe, and are Always Green. To learn more go to Session 1 and watch the Shaklee Difference Video. (top)

Why natural food supplements?
We don't get enough essential nutrients required for optimal health by eating our modern diet. And before you argue that you eat healthy, a study of 26,000 people found that when tested not a single person (zip, zero, nada) had recieved the nutritional requirements set forth in the RDA (recommended daily allowance) guidelines. Without the required vitamins and minerals your body will start to break down and malfunction. Your energy, your appearance and overall health all depend on getting enough vitamins and minerals - EVERY DAY. That makes this an unlimited market or consumable products. So... you get healthier by redirecting you spending and when you help others do the same you make money. A win-win situation. (top)

What are the 5 growing business trends?

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Beauty
  3. Nutrition
  4. Green products
  5. Network Marketing
This opportunity hits on all 5! (top)

What if I don't know anyone to share with?
Are willing to send people you know to a website to see if they are interested in what you are offering? Just send them a link to your training or you can use this training website. If they like what they see they can ask you for more information or if not then it is done. You don't need to bother them more. To find more 'friends', we will be teaching you how to find new ones using things like socieal networking. (top)

Who do I look for as a home business prospect?
Look for people that you would want to hire if you were hiring for a business. Look for someone you can work with. Are they coachable, positive, enthusiastic, a people person. Are they willing to work or do they expect a business to make them money just for signing up? But most of all, you will never know if someone is a potential prospect unless you share the opportunity with them. You can do that without the pressure by letting them review what is possible - send them to this training site. (top)

How do I get started?
First thing you should do is contact the person who sent you to this training. If no one sent you but you found it by 'surfin' the web then you can contact me. There is a contact button in the trainings or on this page that will send me an email, or you can call me at (512)944-6663. If you are not sure who sent you or you forgot, just go ahead and contact me and we can get it all figured out.
Once you have made contact, someone will give you more information on how to get signed up and get started with the plan that fits your needs and goals.
If you are a go getter and want to move along without any help, you can simply go sign up right on the internet. The Sign Up Form is found here.
Let's get started. Remember I take you success seriously. Expect Sucess - Create Success! (top)

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