A Cause Marketing Solution - Part II

Shaklee, the #1 Nutritional Company in the U.S., fulfills all the requirements necessary for a successful cause marketing partnership.

Now that you understand what cause marketing is and can see the benefits of having a cause marketing partnership your next step is to find a company to partner with.

The Shaklee Corporation has been in business for over 50 years and has a long history of helping those in need and working towards creating a better environment.  Now Shaklee also offers a way for all non-profit organizations to generate the funds they need and do it all at no cost, no risk and no obligation.

Let’s take a look at Shaklee and who they are and what they represent.  After all, if it was my nonprofit group I wouldn’t want to partner up with just any company.  I would look for one that followed and promoted the ideals and philosophies that I could be proud to say I am associated with.

Shaklee Products are Always Safe, Always Green and they Always Work.

By starting with the best nature can provide and only using the finest natural ingredients Shaklee creates safe natural products for families around the world. But they don’t stop there. Over 350 tests are conducted on every single new ingredient for hundreds of harmful contaminants. That means over 80,000 quality tests are done each year to guarantee the purity and safety of every product, every time.  That is why every Shaklee product is 100% safe to use; Guaranteed.  No product recalls here.

Shaklee was started over 50 years ago by Dr. Forrest Shaklee on the philosophy of “In Harmony with Nature” and the company still follows that standard.  With numerous awards for environmental leadership this is a company that was ‘green’ back when it was just a color in your crayon box.  They created one of the first biodegradable green cleaners way back in 1960 and one of the first biodegradable laundry detergents in the ‘70s.  For 50 years, Shaklee has quietly led the way in environmental stewardship and support of social causes.

And finally, Shaklee products always work.  They actually do what they say they will do.  Plenty of companies claim their products work, but do they have the proof to back it up?  Shaklee does.  Over 100 scientific papers, 90 of them published in peer-reviewed journals show the effectiveness of Shaklee products.  Plus over $250 million invested in clinical testing, research, and development of the finest products around; a product doesn’t leave the company headquarters until it has been proven to do what it is supposed to do and do it safely and effectively.  And it isn’t just Shaklee tooting its own horn, outside research labs agree.  The 2007 Landmark Study conducted in collaboration with researchers from the U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health showed that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than those who took other brands of multivitamins.

So you can see that Shaklee is a solid company built on the right principles.  They stand behind what they make and they will stand behind you. 

Sometimes, you do things because they're good for business. And sometimes, you do things just because you should.

That is why I am able to offer you a Cause Marketing Fundraising Opportunity that is no cost and no risk to you.  Shaklee has waived all the normal fees for sign up and the website.  They will do all the sales, inventory, shipping, and customer service and they do not require any monthly minimum commitment.  You simply use the products you want and nothing else.  And for doing this, Shaklee will give your group a percentage of every sale and add in bonuses as your group purchases higher volumes. 

This means your group can earn anywhere from 30 - 60% of every product sold and all you have to do is redirect spending and educate your supporters and those around you to do the same.  No more buying unwanted things while under pressure on your front doorstep.  Now you simply stop buying a few items from the convenience store down the street and replace them with high quality products from Shaklee and get them delivered to your door.

In summary:
•    Shaklee products are always safe, always green and always work. 
•    I will set up the fundraiser and help you promote it and educate your supporters
•    I am available to present to you, your board and your members and help get things started – plus I am here whenever you need something once you get set up.
•    This is all FREE.  No Cost, No risk, No monthly obligations.
•    You can make money when people buy products they already use every day.
•    These are consumable products that people use every month.  The average Shaklee user has been using products for over 14 years – so this is a perpetual, sustainable fundraiser, not just a 2 week splurge.
•    You continue to make money for every purchase, every month possibly for the life of the purchaser
•    You get a free website that allows anyone to make purchases 24/7 365 days a year.
•    Did I mention its Free and I will help you do the work involved for setup as well as anytime in the future?

So now you know what Cause Marketing is and how Shaklee can make it happen for you.  Click over to Part III of the series and learn how easy it is to get started today!

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