A Quick and Easy Fundraiser for Non-Profit Organizations

Create a perpetual, sustainable fundraiser for your non-profit group.  Its a quick and easy way to start making money for your group and all at no cost to you!

Do you need an easy fundraiser?  We can Help!  Our goal is to make this as easy and stress free as possible!

How? I set you and your non-profit organization up to be a partner with the #1 Nutritional Company in the U.S.  They provide you with a no cost webpage where anyone can go and purchase nutrition, personal care, 'green' home care, weight loss and other top of the line products 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  You simply let your members know about the opportunity and ask them to help you spread the word.  I provide you with all you need to inform and educate your supporters about these high end products.  No cost to you  EVER!.

Sign up, let me help you promote the opportunity, let the company handle all the selling, money collection, inventory and shipping.

You spend more time on your mission and less time going door to door.

The products are consumable so there is the potential for monthly purchases.  This is the start of a perpetual, sustainable fundraising solution.

It really is that simple!

A no cost fundraiser provides a no risk opportunity to make good money for your organization.  

Natural, safe, healthy products are one of the hottest selling items. Every 10 seconds someone else turns 60.  "going green" is on the tip of everyone's tongue.  These products get more popular everyday.

Why have a Cause Marketing Fundraiser?

  • Big Profits, small effort
  • No selling - educate your supporters and they will want to help
  • Products are items people want not things they feel obligated to buy
  • Supporters can redirect spending and 'donate' without increasing their monthly budget
  • Large variety of products - there is something for everyone
  • Fundraiser works throughout the year.
  • Products are not tied to a holiday or season but are everyday items
  • Consumable products allow for repeat purchases

Compare Cause Marketing to Traditional Fundraising

Cause Marketing

  • Money generated every month
  • Products are:
    •     Items people use everyday
    •     High quality
    •     Marketed at discounted rates
  • There are:
    •     No collections
    •     No Inventory to handle
    •     No Deliveries to make
    •     No professional fundraising company to pay
    •     No money exchange
  • Can make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ALL YEAR.
  • Has unlimited income potential

Traditional Fundraising

  • Require time and effort to set up each time
  • Money must be collected (sometimes by 10 and 11 year olds)
  • People are asked to purchase items they may not need
  • Products must be ordered, stored and delivered or even sold
  • Products are often above retail price
  • Volunteers must give up their time again and again with no compensation
  • Volunteers may be children who are asked to reach out to strangers
  • When the fundraiser ends, volunteers have to work to start another one
  • Money collected for the efforts is paid one time.  It is not perpetual or sustainable month after month

How much Profit can we make?

Cause Marketing has the potential to make an EXCELLENT fundraiser.  It is difficult to give an exact dollar amount because of all the different factors involved such as the types of products being purchased and the number of supporters buying products.

Here are a couple of examples of what you could do...
Possible Purchase Small Purchase Medium Purchase Larger Purchase
Product Basic H2 Vitalizer Vitalizer + Vivix
Purchase Price (member) $ 10.35 $79.25 $164.25
Amount Made per Purchase $1.45 $10.85 22.50
If just 10 people order $14.50 $108.50 $225.00
If 100 people order $145.00 $1085.00 $2250.00
Remember the amount earned depends on several factors and the product purchased could be anything from hundreds of product choices.  So calculating an exact amount is almost impossible.  The above table shows just a couple of possibilities.  And don't forget, at different  purchase volume levels you also earn bonuses and many products are one month supplies so this is a monthly funding for your group, not a one time money generator.

How long does the Fundraiser take?

The fundraiser is a perpetual one that runs all year long.  There is no stress or pressure to get it done in 2 weeks and then start looking for another one.

As far as a time committment from the board and the general membership, the time required is very minimal.  Just filling out a few short forms gets you started and then it only takes education about the products and the opportunity to get people to become consumers.  It is just a redirecting of spending not a sales pitch to purchase the cookie dough, popcorn or wrapping paper people dont really need.

If you have a newsletter we can provide monthly or weekly articles for you to use.  Just a quick cut and paste and your job is done.

Your supporters can purchase products at any time from the webpage that is set up for you or they can do it over the phone.  Either way, you are not bothered with sales, money handling, inventory or delivery.  You just need to use the money you will get once every month.

Again, your organization will have their funds on a consistant monthly basis. No need to wait for that last order of for someone to bring you the money they collected.  All money and product handling is done for you....

Are we limited to just a few items that we can sell?


Our goal is to help you with a no cost, easy fundraiser. Selling just a few items is one problem associated with traditional fundraisers. The entire catalog of natural products is available to your supporters so there is literally something for everyone. We will work with you to put together a fundraiser that fits your situation and allows you to make the most money for your organization. Let us help you do a fundraiser this year.

We will treat your fundraiser as if we were the sponsors!  I have been a parent, a public school teacher, a coach and a board member for my kids sports team, so I understand what you are going through when you are looking for a quick and easy fundraiser.

Remember, it is NO COST to you, from start to finish!!

You will not have hundreds of left over candy bars lying around or have to purchase supplies for a car wash!  You will only have more funds available to fulfill you mission and a lot of happy supporters! 

I would love to personally set up an easy fundraiser for your organization.

Michael Tomberlin

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