A Nutrient you NEED to Supplement

This single compound - CoQ10 - is critical for every cell in your body. Unfortunately, your body loses its ability to produce Coenzyme Q10 in your 20's and it declines even more over time.

It has been found 60% of the population has CoQ10 deficiency in their 50's and 60's. CoQ10 helps produce energy in each cell, especially in the heart and other major organs.

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What is CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10, also called CoQ10, is a naturally occurring compound found in every cell in the human body. It is a fat-soluble nutrient and is found in organs such as your heart, your kidneys, your liver and your pancreas. It is vital to heart health and it promotes energy production in the trillions of cells that must make their own energy everyday in order to survive. This energy increase is most noticible in the heart, your most active organ.

To make the energy, your cells break down and burn up sugars and fats that come from the food you eat. These nutrients are then put through an energy production cycle the requires CoQ10 and your body does this thousands of times every second in order to supple the fuel you need in order to do things like keep your heart beating. Your bodies organs are continually working and require a continuous flow of energy.

Without CoQ10 your cells wouldn't be able to produce the energy you need and your organs and therefore your body wouldn't funtion properly.

CoQ10 also has antioxidant properties that can help to maintain your blood vessels and also help with LDL cholesterol by not allowing it to oxidate. CoQ10 has the ability to recycle and regenerate vitamin E, allowing it to continue providing antioxidant protection to cells of the body.

Your beating heart and the electrical stimulous of your nervous system need a non-sttop flow of energy. Studies have show that both of these facts depend on the proper amounts of CoQ10 being in your cells.

History and Science

CoenzymeQ10 was first discovered in 1957. The first organized clinical trial on humans was done in the mid 1960's. By 1982 CoQ10 had reached a level of consumption in Japan that rivaled that country's top five medications.

The Japanese and later European scientists and physicians have conducted the majority of clinical trials using CoQ10. In the 1990's CoQ10 became a top-selling supplement in health food stores. By 1997 there had been over 100 observational, epidemiological and population studies done and at least 19 placebo-controlled trials.

By 1996 there were over 350 papers presented by over 200 different physicians and scientists from 18 different countries who recommended use of CoQ10 in a wide range of medical disorders.

The studies showed: an increase in the capacity for work and play, fewer episodes of angina pain, fewer drugs needed, less hospitalization, and a greatly improved quality of life.

In spite of all of this, there are still very few physicians who have heard of CoQ10 or how it works or recommend it to patients. But, in Japan where CoQ10 has been used since the 1960's; results showed improvement in 70-75 percent of the patients. It has even been approved in Japan and Europe for the treatment of congestive heart disease.


Nowdays, you can find hundreds of brands of CoQ10 in your local stores and online. The supplement is found in three basic types; solid form, soft gel caps with oils, soft gel caps with oils and added chemicals to attempt to boost absorption.

The problem with most all of these CoQ10 supplements is that your body can not absorb the supplement in the form you are swallowing.

There may not be enough pure CoQ10 or it may lack the bioavailability because of compounds or filler in the preparation.

There may not be the research behind it that is necessary to make it a beneficial supplement. This is quite often the case for many supplements sold over the counter.

When it IS being delivered in sufficient dosage, the tissues will get the support they need.

Studies have shown that the supplementation of CoQ10 has helped with the symptoms of congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, angina, arrhythmia, aortic valve disease, coronary artery disease, and many other cardio logical situations, such as helping keep the blood flowing freely through the arteries.

Many cardiologists can not acknowledge that a natural substance not manufactured by pharmaceutical industry giants could be so valuable.

Therefore this product has become a victim of politics, bias, insufficient marketing, economics and ignorance of the results of real science. Plus, there is no economic incentive for major pharmacological companies to develop it as a product since CoenzymeQ10 is not patentable.

CoQ10However, there is a company that has a patented delivery system clinically proven to absorb better than the solid form and better than the leading soft gels. Enhanced with a proprietary blend of CoQ10 and Resveratrol it provides fo vital energy production and promotes a healthy body and a healthy heart.

It also helps stabilize heart rhythm. High bioavailability means one takes less, and gets more.

Please contact me if you would like me to email you a fact sheet about the product.

Think about it.

Help Power a Healthy Heart

Combine the
antioxidant power of CoQ10 with resveratrol in a formulation that uses all-natural ingredients. It is highly
bioavailable, so that one capsule meets your daily usage.

CoQ10 is vital for energy production in the heart and promotes and protects healthy arteries, while resveratrol helps relax blood vessels to promote healthy blood flow.

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