Are Vitamins Good For You?

YES!! - if they are the RIGHT Vitamins in the RIGHT Amount

The question of "Are vitamins good for you or even safe for you?" is one that needs to be asked more and more in today's society. With our fast paced lives and love of food that is usually not very healthy or has been stripped of all it nutritional value, we need to supplement out diets with vitamins and supplements.

The Right Vitamin?

There are a huge number of products out there to choose from and so the question of "Are vitamins good for you?" or "Are vitamins safe for you?" really depends on a lot. The vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need and that Mother Nature created are definitely safe for you and good for you. It is the way they are packaged and presented to our bodies that can sometimes create unwanted side effects.

There are vitamins and then there are supplements. Our body does need vitamins, but it is becoming better understood that what we really need is a supplement.

A whole food supplement that gives our body real nutrition, not a synthetic, made up vitamin, is what the body really needs.

  • The supplement is like a gourmet food, in a tablet or capsule.
  • The supplement we can trust has lots of clinical studies, which are in peer reviewed medical journals.
  • Harmful toxins, such as mercury, have been removed from the fish oil, omega 3's.
  • Overheating the raw material has not taken place, but rather, the supplement is made as close to Mother Nature as possible.
  • These are just a few things to look for in a GOOD food supplement.

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Which Supplement?

In the fast paced world of today, the answer to the question, "Do I need to supplement my diet with vitamins, minerals, and soy protein?" The answer would be a most definite yes. But a warning would come with that answer.

Be aware of the company that produces the supplements you are buying. Ask these questions before you decide to hand over your money and your health.

  • Are they willing to tell you about their research?
  • Are they proud of their heritage?
  • Do they create a fad product?
  • Or do they develop a researched product they have found we truly need to give our bodies.

I hope you will bookmark this site and read the many pages I am uploading. They are full of information I have found about products that are safe and are researched. I am just trying to share some of the knowledge I have learned and then it is up to you to decide what is right for you.

Just remember it is your body and your life. Research the things that you are putting into your body and into your environment, don't just take the word of the advertisements.

Vitamins and Supplements that are good for you do exist.

Think about it and then ACT on it!!

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