Compare Vitamins

All Vitamins are NOT created equal!

Why do we need to compare vitamins?

Isn't Vitamin B - Vitamin B. The answer is yes and no. The vitamin is the same, its just how it is put into pill form that can be very different.

Scientific research proves your body needs vitamins and lots of different ones. It has also been shown that it is almost impossible to get all the vitamins we need from our food.

Supplementing your diet is only half the battle.

You must also compare the vitamins available and decide which one will actually help your body the best.

Do you realize that not all vitamin supplements are the same?

This page is here to help you answer the questions -

  • Where do you get the vitamins your body needs?
  • What do you look for?
  • How do you judge the vitamin supplement you are choosing?

There are essentially three kinds of vitamins. These are:

  1. The Synthetic Vitamins - These vitamins are made from petroleum. They have questionable additives and have only some of the known nutrients the body requires. If we compare this vitamin to others we see it is a man made formula. This type of "vitamin" can act like a drug and many times stimulate the body's cells and create a side effect. This type of vitamin is usually purchased at the supermarket or discount store.

  2. The "Natural" vitamins - These vitamins are extracted or considered a crystalline type vitamin. They isolate only some of the known nutrients needed by the body. The enzymes in the "natural" part of the supplement are destroyed during the processing by high heat. They are filled with harsh binders and fillers, are man made and only have to be 15% "natural" to be advertised and sold as a natural vitamin according to FDA regulations. All natural might actually mean 85% unnatural.

  3. The Food Source Tablet - This is a more than just a vitamin, it is just as its name says; concentrated food in a tablet. This feeds and improves cell health. The enzymes are preserved due to cold processing, not "cooked to death". There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The raw materials are tested and are more what Mother Nature would give us. These tablets contain the known nutrients our body requires. We must realize, some bodies require more than others due to abuse to the body in some way, poor nutritional habits, or perhaps environmental challenges due to any of the previous reasons.

To be sure you are getting what you really want, you may want to do more than just compare vitamins, you may want to compare vitamin companies. The more you know about the company producing the product the better you can compare the vitamins and products it produces.

Is a company willing to do clinical research and stand behind their product? A reputable company will share with you their findings and research. They don't want to hide it, they are proud of it and that is what makes them the company they are.

Just because a vitamin is on the shelf does not mean it is researched or safe. There is, at this time, no law that says a food, which is what a vitamin is considered to be, has to have research behind done in order to market it.

So be sure to compare vitamins. If your goal is to truly improve your health, check to see what went into making them. Compare brands, compare companies. See what reaearch they do. Do they guarantee their products? Its your life and your health. Don't take it for granted that all vitamins are equal in quality.

I think if you compare the vitamins that are available you will indeed find out, as I did, that

All Vitamins are NOT created Equal!

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Michael Tomberlin


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