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Financial Health

Build security for the future by improving your Financial Health

Discover why starting an online business in our new economy could help you build economic security for the future and increase your Financial Health.

A new trend has begun in our ever changing economy. Temporary positions are the norm and not the exception.  Organizations contract with independent workers for short term engagements.  It's not the world your parents grew up in where you get a job with a company and stay there for 40 years.  By 2020 it is expected that 40% of all workers in America would be independent contractors.  This is a huge shift in the economy and in in your future financial health.

It’s is the start of a new era.  It’s a reality we all have to learn to live with.  Will you be prepared?

The American middle class is disappearing and the gap between the haves and have not is growing ever wider.  Around 70% of all working Americans make less than $50,000 a year.  

This change has made it more economically sound to become an entrepreneur than an employee. And really with the explosion of the online world there is no better place to start to become an entrepreneur than by starting an online business.

People are spending more time online and they are also just spending more online.  Just think Amazon! It is projected that 80% of business will soon be done online.  There is a great potential to get in on the ground floor of a new wave sweeping through the economy.

Why now...

There are a lot of reasons to get into the online business world.  Here are just a few…

  • Simplicity.  You don’t have to know how to write code or know any complex web design.  There are many companies out there that have website builders that are easy and affordable.  Solo Build It (or SBI) is a great example of a company that excels at taking your passion and turning into an online presence and converting visitors into income.
  • Affordability. You can create a website and get it online for free. It can’t get much cheaper than that.  However, you are much better off putting a little money in and creating a better website that will actually be seen by people.  But really it shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars per year to create a competitive website.
  • Low risk.  Most of us own a computer and have access to the internet. So the only real startup cost might be your website and that can be had for less than the cup of coffee you buy every morning.  So all you are really risking is a little of your time and effort.
  • Time. This is not a normal 9 to 5 job.  You can build a website in your jammies at 2 in the morning if that is what works for you.  So not only can you work a schedule you like, you can keep you current job while you get things going so you can still afford those little things like food and rent.

What kind of online business do I choose?

There are many choices you can make and it can get a little confusing or overwhelming.

I mentioned Amazon earlier.  You  could be a re-seller on Amazon or E bay.  If you have a special skill others are looking for, you could do freelance work.  You could do affiliate marketing where you promote products and get a percentage of the sale.  

The one I choose is to become an independent distributor within the networking industry.

There are several reasons I choose this path.  The main one was because my Mom was doing it  - and doing it before the internet was around - so I really wasn’t looking to start an online business but was just being the “tech guy” for my Mom.   Once I got started I found that I really liked it.  It was like a puzzle getting people to come to my website and then get them to actually buy something.  It was fun and after awhile it started to make me money.  Who can argue with that. 

Some of the things I really like about the networking industry are:

  • There is someone there to help when you need it.  (for me it was my Mom)
  • The company is backing you and their success depends on yours so they want you to succeed.
  • The parent company handles all the product research and development,  they store the products, they ship the products, they handle the money and then you just get a monthly check.
  • It is really the best of both worlds.  You are kind of working for/with a large company but you are your own boss or you own business and you can make it as BIG or as small as you want.  You are in charge and you reap the benefits of your hard work.

Now I know you have probably heard of Network Marketing and for many people this brings to mind negative images.  I am here to tell you it is not all bad.  It really depends on you, the company and the people who are there to help you on whether Network Marketing is a GOOD choice are a bad one.  The thing that really turned me around was the online marketing.  It's a whole new world out there and network marketing really can be the solution for YOUR financial health.

If you are interested in learning more you should read my page on Network Marketing: Making an Informed Decision.

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