Better Health

Four Simple Rules to Improve you Health

I call this my 2 by 4 plan towards better health. I call it that because there are two different approaches with four (4) rules each.

Each plan is helpful on its own and can put you on the path to better health, but combining to two approaches will give you the best results.

Approach #1: Making Choices

Part of maintaining a healthy life comes down to just a few simple rules. But the life improving rules for better health really come down to making choices. Everyday we are confronted with decisions and choices we must make about life and how we live it. Being conscious of those choices is the first step to making this first approach work. I think of it as the common sense approach to better health.

Following these 4 simple rules and making better choices can reduce stress and improve your overall health, your energy and your outlook on everyday life.

1. Eat a Better Diet -Getting the proper nutrition is critical to better health but avoiding highly processed sugar filled foods is equally as important. Homemade vs fast-food and fresh vs out of the box are choices that should be won more often by the former. It doesn't mean you have to be perfect or stop living your life, but being conscious about your choices can make all the difference.

2. Get Up and Get Moving - Exercise is great for keeping you in shape and maintaining necessary muscle. But it does so much more. You will have more energy, sleep better and just feel more alive.

3. Avoid Toxins - It is virtually impossible to avoid toxic chemicals in our modern society; however, it is possible to dodge a bunch of them. Look back at step 1. By improving your diet and eating more fresh food and less of the processed stuff you will be avoiding all kinds of toxins. Any food, drink, additive or supplement that is man-made is probably full of artificial gunk. Filter your water, buy organics when possible and avoid the artificial sugars and additives.

4. Get Enough Rest - Your body can't survive without enough rest. Sleep not only gives your cells time to rejuvenate and recover, it gives you more energy and helps maintain a positive attitude.

Approach #2: The Power of Science

Scientific research has enabled us to create and do some amazing things in all areas of our daily lives. It is no different in the area of health and wellness. Research studies are designed and conducted to help advance the state of scientific knowledge in the health and nutritional sciences.

Approach #2 is all about taking advantage of what science has learned and using it to create better health. These studies and the knowledge gained through them are a significant component of what makes some health products truly different. Look at the research and you will discover that making the choice to using researched, proven products can truly give you better health.

1. Anti-Aging - Factors such as stress, your environment and stress can weaken your body and more specifically your cells. Scientific studies have shown that certain food supplements can help in cell defense, cell energy, cell repair and cell performance. Don't wait until you feel old, start taking this patented, scientifically proven product today.

2. Improved Vitality - Improve your heart, immune, joint, digestive and prostate health, while increasing your muscle function and your physical energy all with one supplement system guaranteed by a patent-pending delivery system that will get the nutrients into your body where they are needed. Don't waste your money on the many supplements that send most of the nutrition out of the body only to be flushed away.

3. More Muscle, Less Fat - Almost all of us have tried to lose some weight at some point and

many of us have been successful at dropping a few pounds. The part where most of us fail is keeping the weight off. More often than not, it's because we lost muscle and not fat. Losing muscle also causes us to reduce our metabolism so the weight comes back even easier and we gain back more than we lost in the first place. It's called a Yo-Yo diet. But now with the power of science and Leucine we can lose the FAT and keep the MUSCLE.

4. Improved Immunity - Staying healthy means warding off all those little things trying to bring us down from bacteria to viruses and everything in between. Following the 4 steps from Approach 1 is a great start, but science has also discovered interferon. This powerful substance can boost the immune functions in our bodies and help us fend off life's little illnesses.

Simple but NOT Effortless

So there you have it, the 2 by 4 approach to better health.

It all comes down to making those choices. Whether its using the power of science or being conscious of the decisions we make everyday, better health is really up to us.

It really is that simple. Make the choice. Be involved in the changes you want. You don't even need to follow every rules all the time. Pick one or two and work on them. Do one from Approach 1 and then try one from Approach 2.

Once you start to feel better and see the positive changes it will become easier and easier and you will be able to add more and do more.

It is simple, but it does require you to make the effort. You can't just sit there wishing it to happen. So make the effort - Live the Life you DESERVE!

Time and Money

One last thing before you leave this page and go about your day.

You found this page because you were looking to improve your life and achieve better health for you and/or you family. But if you are like me and most other people, you will leave the page and soon forget about it. You will go on with your daily life living it like you have always done day after day.

And again if you are like most people you will not take the necessary steps to see the change you want to see.


Most of us use the excuses of time and money. "I just don't have the time to get all that done" or "That costs too much", are easy ways to justify not making the effort to change.


But if you really want something different out of life, Change is Necessary.

So take a look at how much you spend everyday on things like your coffee, beer, chips, cable TV, phone service and on and on and then decide if you could afford to spend a few more dollars a day on your health.

Take a look at how much time you spend playing on the phone, watching TV, getting ready for a night out on the town, and decide if you could take 10-15 minutes a day to focus on better health.

It all comes down to the choices we make. Decide what changes you want to see and then base your decisions on whether they move you forward in the right direction.

Act, Change, Succeed

Getting Healthy - Here's a Great Start

50 Years and Numerous Scientific Studies have created the foundation for building better health. It's not just hype, its scientifically researched and proven effective.

Start your path towards better heath today!

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