What is the Cause of Disease

Why do I Age? Why do I get Sick? Why do I get a Disease

The purpose of this article is to help you understand:

  • The cause of Disease
  • How cells age, get sick and contract disease
  • What free radicals are and how they contribute to disease like cancer or heart disease.

Symptoms are your body's way of telling you that something isn't right. They are not the cause of the illness or disease.

  • Heart attacks aren't the cause of heart disease, they are a symptom.
  • A stuffed up nose isn't the cause of a cold, it is a symptom.
  • Cancer is not the cause of a disease, it is a symptom.

Let me repeat - Symptoms are your body's way of telling you something is wrong. It is out of balance.

So if these are all symptoms, what is the cause of the disease?

Our body's health is dependent on the health of the cells we are made from. Millions of cells have been woven together in an intricate puzzle that creates human life and really all life beyond single celled organisms.

Healthy BodyWhen some of these cells become unhealthy and die or replicate incorrectly the system starts to break down. Just imagine your body is a city and when just one little part stops working it can affect everyone. Like a wreck on the freeway or even worse the trash collectors stop working. If these problems aren't corrected the whole system starts to deteriorate.

However, if the problems are taken care of with the right action these examples are minor blips, but if left untreated they can create a spreading "disease or illness" that can slow or cripple the city's ability to function properly.

Your body and its cells work in much the same way. Small problems will occur with a cells ability to function, repair itself or maybe even replicate. These problems can occur from things such as radiation from the sun, a toxic chemical inhaled from a hazardous cleaner or maybe the cell didn't get its essential nutrients. Quite often cells are damaged by what is called a free radical. This is an atom within the cell that is missing an electron. To put it into our city perspective, a free radical is kind of like a suicide bomber. They actually destroy atoms around them. This can cause problems within the cell and lead to things like premature aging, sickness, and chronic diseases.

These free radicals come at us from all directions. Things we know are bad like smoking, pesticides, and pollution can create free radicals. But other things we don't always think of like the water we drink that has been treated with chlorine, sunlight, some foods and stress can also cause free radicals.

How can I Protect my Cells and My Health?

To protect our bodies we need to give them the right fuel. Just like a car will stop working if you fill the gas tank with water, your body will not work properly if you don't supply it with the fuel of essential minerals and vitamins. Giving your body the right fuel supplies it with all the building blocks it needs.

Improve Your HealthThese building blocks include antioxidants that rid the cell of the free radicals. They also provide the cell everything it needs to replicate itself and make new cells. And just like healthy kids, these new cells are full of energy and vitality. New cells help maintain a younger, more energetic and healthier you.

The only catch is that most Americans don't eat the right foods in order to supply the proper amounts of all the essential nutrients, the fuel, to the cells. In a study of 26,000 people it was found that not a single person received the nutritional requirements set up by the Recommend Daily Allowance, the RDA. Even those people that really take the extra effort will have a hard time getting all they need.

Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Less nutrients in our crops due to overworked soil.
  • Over cooking food and Microwave cooking
  • Storing and freezing the food for long periods
  • Increased stress within our bodies uses up essential vitamins and minerals and blocks the intake of others
  • Pesticides and toxic chemical use – the air, soil and water are full of these chemicals so even organic is not always toxin free

The solution to this problem is high quality, natural vitamin supplements. Supplements can make up for the lack of nutrition we give our body. But beware. Not all supplements are created equal. Many are filled with artificial ingredients some which may even be toxic. Others pass right through your system without ever being absorbed. And still others are put together in an unnatural and improper mix that doesn't allow your body to use them.

Take the time to learn what your body needs and then make sure the supplements you choose are from a company with integrity that does the clinical trials and research necessary. After all, your health is your greatest wealth.

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