Levels of Shaklee Membership

There are 4 levels -
Which one is right for you?

I have gone from consumer to member to Shaklee independent distributor to Gold Ambassador over the past 25 years. When it comes to the levels of Shaklee membership, I have experienced them all.

(**UPDATE: Shaklee does not use the term Gold Ambassador anymore. It is now referred to as a Qualified Distributor. You can learn more under the qualified distributor level description.)

But before you can really understand the different ways to take advantage of Shaklee and its products, you need to understand what makes Shaklee different.

There are lots of companies that make product lines and offer memberships like Shaklee. So why should you use Shaklee. Take a look at this video presentation I put together and I think you will start to understand...

The Four Levels of Shaklee Membership explained:

There are several different ways for you to enjoy the benefits of the #1 Nutritional Company. You can be a simple consumer of their products or choose to create your own home office and become a Business builder. You make the decision on what level you would like to participate.

There is no pressure or obligation to do more than you want to do. No monthly requirements or automatic sales of products you don't want. You are in charge of your own purchasing - WOW there's a novel concept!

There are benefits to each level depending on your goals. And you can always upgrade from one level up to another if your situation changes and you want to do more.

The levels of participation are:


At this level you only use product. You don't become a member of the Shaklee Corporation. You simply visit the Shaklee product sales page and select the items you want.

Pros: You are using a great product and helping you, your family and your planet become healthier. No money involved to join.

Cons: You pay suggested retail price. You don't have the opportunity to get paid to purchase and use product.

Cost: $0.00



At this level you are probably only interested in being a consumer and using product. But unlike level 1, you would like to save money off each order.

Pros: You save 15-25% off Suggested Retail Price (SRP). You get a new member pack, a personalized Health Assessment, you receive the Shaklee Naturally Blog and a special Shaklee homepage online where you can place orders and have access to a library of health and wellness information, and more...

Cons: It costs $19.95 to join. However, because of the 15-25% discount you will pay that off after you have purchased about $130 worth of product. From then on you are saving money over no membership and it is a one time, life long fee. So if you are truly interested in creating a healthier life, it is well worth it to become a member.

Cost: $19.95 (one time cost, not a yearly fee like Sam's or Costco)

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At this level, you are interested in using product, being a consumer and improving your health but you also are thinking about making some money by using the product and sharing what you know with others. This is the first step towards becoming an Independent Distributor. Don't let those words scare you, you are not obligated to buy or sell anything. You are in control...

Pros: You become a member and get the 15-25% discount off SRP. You are also eligible to participate in Compensation Plan Bonuses and earn bonuses on the amount of product points (PV) that you and those you share with earn with each order.  You also get 3 months (free) of your Shaklee personal website that is your online store to help get you started.

If you want to take advantage of earning a little extra money or just helping to pay for what you purchase from Shaklee you must sign up to be a distributor. You CAN NOT earn money as just a member or consumer.

Cons: Honestly, I am not a big fan of this level. You don't get a whole lot more than you would get at the $19.95 - Member level other than the ability to earn bonuses. If you are truly interested in building a business you should take the next step and sign up as a Qualified Distributor. This used to be called a Gold Ambassador. Take a look at the next level to see more...

However, with some of the recent Shaklee changes, this level is more attractive now. There are 3 reasons this level now becomes more attractive.

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Qualified Distributor (formerly called Gold Ambassador)

The Qualified Distributor level is intended for anyone who wants to create a home office and not only use the Shaklee products for their own health and wellness, but wants to share and educate others about the benefits of using safe, healthy products.

There are many advantages to having a home office. This level gives you the chance to have that home office with very little needed from you.

You can start a home office with no inventory to stock, no shipping problems, no deliveries or collections, and you are the boss. Work as hard as you want to achieve the goals you have set. I won't lie to you and tell you that the money will just start rolling in, you do have to work for it, but the corporate office has set up a great system and they (and I) are here to support you in everything you do.

If this is the route you are interested in taking I suggest you do your research before jumping in. Good training and the right upline usually make the difference between success and failure in a Network Marketing business.

Pros: You get everything you would get as a Distributor and more.

  • Eligible to participate in Compensation Plan Bonuses
  • Eligible to earn Personal Group Volume Bonus (4% - 20%*)
  • Three Months Personal Website - online store≠
  • An entire suite of digital tools to grow your business online
  • Receive 30% off SRP and Full PV on Success Packs during your first full calendar month from join date
  • Eligible to earn Success Bonuses
  • Eligible to participate in FastTRACK
  • Eligible to build your business internationally

There are two ways to jump up to Qualified Distributor from just Distributor.  You can pay $150 to join (instead of the $49.95) or you can simply purchase what is called a Success Pack. A Success Pack is a bundle of products that get you started using Shaklee but at a highly reduced upfront cost over purchasing these products individually.  There are several packs to choose from so you can start with products that are beneficial to you or your family.

IF you are interested in being a Qualified Distributor it really makes sense to take advantage of the Success Pack.  The only reason I see to pay the $150 Qualified Distributor Fee is if you are already a Distributor and just want to upgrade.

Cons: If you want to take advantage of everything being a Shaklee Independent Distributor gives you then I don't see any cons – the only way I can see this level as a negative is if you just aren't ready to start a home office. However, if you purchase this level and expect to make money for just typing your name into the registration form then you will be disappointed.

If you aren't sure about MLM - what it is or how it works, check out this page - What is MLM?. It explains what multilevel marketing is and more importantly what it is NOT!

If you aren't sure about taking this step, sign up for one of the other 3 levels and start using some of the product. Once you see the difference it can make in your life you can always return and upgrade to Gold Ambassador.

Cost: $150 or the $49.95 Distributor cost plus the cost of the Success Pack. The packs cost around $300 but they would cost closer to $600 if you purchased the same products individually at a later time. 

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Where do I go now?

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You can Shop, Read more, or Join online from your computer.

You can also contact me if you have questions that weren't answered here.

I am here to help no matter what level of Shaklee Membership you are interested in. I love the Shaklee products and I have worked my way through the levels of Shaklee membership so I can give you my personal experience with each.

I truly believe in the Shaklee corporation, their products and their company philosophy. I am not here to pressure you into anything, but I believe everyone deserves to live a healthy life and it has been my experience that Shaklee products can promote just that.

This website and all its pages are my way of sharing and hopefully helping others achieve the life they deserve.

Your Future Life will be Exactly what You Decide to Make it..

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