Toxic Life

Part II: Toxic Life

What can we do?

Toxins are everywhere. From our home to our work and everywhere in between. They are pretty much unavoidable in our modern day toxic life.

But before you throw in the towel and give in to all the doom and gloom, let me tell you that you can still live a long and healthy life.

Our bodies are amazing machines. They are actually made to handle toxins and rid them from our bodies. The liver and the kidney along with various other organs in our body actually remove toxins from the blood and the cells and send it back out as waste.

So there you go, problem solved.

A hundred years ago yes, problem solved. Today, there is just so much toxicity in the environment and the nutrition level of the foods we eat has been diminished so much that our body just can't keep up. We have created a toxic life.

But I am here to tell you that it is still possible to live a long and healthy life. The secret is to avoid some of the toxins by understanding where they are and which are the worst. You don't have to completely change your life and check out of your modern day lifestyle, you just need to change some little things.

You also MUST supplement your diet. It is virtually impossible to get the nutrients you need from the foods available. Even the medical establishment has finally broken down and most doctors will agree that at least a multivitamin is necessary in today's diet. (Beware which one you choose, remember many supplements have additives and toxins in them so they really aren't helping if you choose these brands.)

And it is a big deal when I say that the medical establishment has started agreeing with the fact that supplementation is necessary. Most doctors are not ever taught the ill effects of chemicals and fewer still learn the importance of nutrition. They really just aren't aware of how pervasive synthetic chemicals are.

Doctors are trained to believe chemicals (known to most of us as prescription drugs) are the answer, not the problem.

Some solutions offered by doctors, pharmaceutical drugs, include highly toxic chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals that may actually add to the problem, the toxic life.

The health of pharmaceutical industry has never been better, but the health of the general public has continued to plummet and really has never been much worse.

The consequence of our modern lifestyle and the constant poisoning it has placed on the human population has been linked to the development of an ever increasing number of diseases. These include things like obesity, asthma, a variety of autoimmune diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and thyroid disease.

All of these ailments have increased dramatically over the last 50 years. In fact the generation being born right now is predicted to be the first generation to actually have a shorter lifespan then the previous generation.

Millions of dollars are spent each year to combat these diseases but most research is geared towards finding treatments. This research has resulted in the development and MARKETING of an increasing number of drugs designed to tweak the system and CONTROL SYMPTOMS but usually NOT CURE the disease.

Like I said before, the pharmaceutical companies are not hurting. It is like they are just throwing band-aids on the problems and covering them up. Take this drug or that one and if it causes another symptom, just add another drug to help hide it. It is a never ending cycle.

Now is the time to break the cycle. A few companies are taking another path; a path of health and nutrition and disease prevention. Why wait until the body is so rundown and overrun with the toxins and poisons only to add more drugs and chemicals to try and hide the symptoms.

Start taking care of your body now by giving it the nutrition it needs to take care of itself. Your body truly is a miraculous thing that can heal and take care of itself when it is given what it needs.

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Don't wait; your health is truly your greatest wealth!

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