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Healthy Planet

A healthy life depends on a healthy planet...

But what can you do to make it a Healthy Planet?  You are only one person.

Can you as just one among billions honestly make a difference. Large companies create so much waste our little homes look insignificant.

But have you ever seen the movie "Its a Wonderful Life"? Here is a guy who thinks the world would be better off without him.  He never made a difference.  But you know what, he really did make a difference.  

One person can make a difference in the lives and the world around them.

It all has to start somewhere.  If not with you than who?  If not today then when?

Step up and be that person who takes that step in the right direction. Start the snowball rolling and become part of the solution.

Start by Making Your World Healthy

Your house, your car, your yard - that is your little world.  The best way to make the planet healthy is by making the things around you greener. Think about the environment you live in everyday when you make decisions.  

This is a world small enough for you to make changes that make a difference.

The Best Part is...

You don't have to change your entire life.  Make the simple changes around your house that really can make a difference.  A Healthy Planet starts by Thinking Globally but Acting Locally.

5 easy steps towards a healthy home and a healthy planet include:

  1. Recycle - This can be as easy as putting the 'trash' into a different bin
  2. Reduce Water Usage - Install low flow faucets and shower heads.  Put a timer system on the sprinklers.
  3. Reduce Electicity Usage - Install low energy flourescent lights.  Don't be afraid to flip that switch when you walk out the door.
  4. Go Green - More and more companies sell some great 'green' stuff.  Look for recycle materials and environmentally safe products.  It is safer for the planet and your family.
  5. Buy Green - Support companies that do their part.  Making a healthy planet is their job too!

It comes down to making choices.  We make them everyday.  It just takes a little effort to change habits.  Think about what you do and what you buy.  Is there a different way that isn't more expensive of more difficult?

It can be as easy as using a safe, non toxic cleaner or using a water filter pitcher instead of buying the bottled water.  Both save the planet from waste and your family from toxins.  A win-win situation.

It doesn't take a lot and you don't have to stop living your life.  

Here are a few examples of what my family is doing:

  1. We take advantage of the city's recycling program.  Now instead of almost 2 trash bins (we have a family of 8) for the garbage man each week we have one that isn't even full.  The other 'trash' goes in the recycle bin and not the landfill.
  2. We use highly concentrated household cleaners.  One little bottle (16 oz) makes 48 gallons of cleaner.  So one bottle compared to 192 32 oz plastic cleaner bottles in the landfill.  A bonus on our end - the concentrated cleaner costs $12, the 32 oz bottles cost about $3 each.  That's $12 compared to $576.  It's almost like I am getting paid to 'go green'.
  3. We use a water filter.  It is just a little pitcher - you put tap water in and get clean non-toxic water out.  I get 80 gallons of clean water for each little filter.  That's 640 16 oz water bottles.  Another huge savings for the landfill and my wallet.  About $20 for the filter compared to around $300 (and that's if the bottles cost less than 50 cents each).

It's not a lot and it's not all we do but just image if everyone in your neighborhood did those simple things.  If 100 families used concentrated cleaner and a water filter and just used one filter and one cleaner bottle it would save over 8000 plastic bottles from the landfill.

Now image that number if the entire city did the same.  How about the county, the state or even the whole country.  Just those 2 little things could save a mountain worth of trash and we havent even mentioned the reduction in pollution from the shipping and manufacturing of all those bottles.

Now can you see how one person doing their one little thing can turn into a healthy planet revolution?

It just takes action.  Take the first step and you will be on your way towards a healthy life and a healthy planet.

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