PMS Problems and Natural Solutions

PMS and Menstrual Relief can be Found Naturally

Menstrual or PMS problems are an issue that 85% to 90% of women of child bearing age feel to some degree.

According to Wikipedia, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) (also called PMT or Premenstrual Tension) is a collection of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle. Some women with PMS have symptoms of "sufficient severity to interfere with some aspects of life".

What causes Menstrual Problems (PMS)?

Your body is always building, feeding, protecting and cleaning. During the PMS problemstwo weeks leading up to your cycle, hormones can throw your natural system for a loop. You want to provide your body with a smorgasbord of nutrients so your cells receive all the things they need to stay normal and healthy.

Outside factors can influence how your body reacts during this time. One of these is toxins. Everytime you clean your home, the toxic chemicals found in most cleaners create havoc in the body. The hormones that are already going wild can become imbalanced. Toxins also stress our immune systems as well as our glands and organs.

Other factors such as everyday stress, lack of rest, unstable blood sugar levels, nutrient deficiencies and food choices (diet) combine with the natural hormonal fluctuations and imbalances of a menstrual cycle can cause one to be a wench.

What can help alleviate PMS?

Alleviate PMS problemsSome things that can help when you are experiencing PMS include substantially reducing and eliminating use of caffeine, alcohol, salt, fats, and simple sugars to reduce bloating, fatigue, tension and depression. Reducing these things from your diet can help with your overall health as well, so it wouldn't hurt to reduce these things all the time and not just before your cycle.

Exercise is another great way for many women to feel relief from PMS. You can also increase the amount of pure water you are drinking.

PMS Vitamins and Supplements

Such a natural process can cause so much stress on the body. Providing your body with all the healthy, natural vitamins and supplements it needs is even more critical during this stressful time.

There are many supplements that have been known to help balance the body. Giving your body the necessary nutrition each month can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of PMS including cramps, bloating, anxiousness, depression, water retention, and insomnia.

  • Vitamin A has been shown to reduce the symptoms of PMS
  • Vitamin B6 helps with bloating and water retention because it is a natural diuretic. It can also help balance estrogen levels during a menstrual period
  • Pantothenic acid is a natural stress reducing nutrient
  • B-Complex Supplement - B6 and Pantothenic Acid are both part of the B-Complex and since all the B-vitamins work together you want to take a complex form and not just the 2 vitamins individually. A good multivitamin will also have all the B vitamins in the proper amounts. B complex is also known as the happy vitamin. :-)
  • Vitamin E can help with tender breasts and to relieve soreness. It can also reduce your irritability and depression because it regulates hormone levels.
  • Calcium and Magnesium naturally help to reduce cramping and muscle tension. These nutrients can also reduce stress. Calium helps muscles contract while magnesium helps them relax. A good one-two combo of minerals.

A good multi-vitamin, a good soy protein, and a good calcium/magnesium supplement are a few things that have been shown to help. The multi should be able to provide you with the vitamins mentioned above but it is just too hard to get enough calcium and magnesium into one pill and still make it small enough to swallow so you should add a serparate Cal/Mag supplement.

Remember, there is a difference between good natural food source supplements and the typical vitamin you buy from the local convenience store (which are mostly synthetic and full of toxins). If you really want to help your body and feel better and actually be healthier it is worth it to put stuff in that will help and not do more harm.

Just something to think about!

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