A Cause Marketing Success Story

See how one nonprofit group turned this no-cost opportunity into increased funding.

Finding the right company for your cause marketing campaign can be a difficult task. While a cause marketing solution itself is a great fundraising plan, it can be difficult to find a company willing to work with you; especially if you are a small non-profit organization.

I recently learned of an opportunity to work with a well established company that has been interested in supporting a good cause for over 50 years. They set up a way for all non-profit organizations to start their own cause marketing program and do it with no-cost.

The goal of Shaklee has always been to provide people with a better life – both physically and financially. The leadership of the CEO, Roger Barnett, has helped Shaklee expand its business model and create a way for non-profits to succeed in their generous mission of helping others. Helping non-profits accomplish their mission demonstrates just a portion of Shaklee's commitment to improving the well-being of communities, individuals, and the earth.

Shaklee does more than just talk the talk. Shaklee is involved in partnership with many different charitable organizations including
  • the Wild Dolphin Project
  • KSE- Kids for Saving Earth Worldwide
  • Whale Conservation Institute
  • American Himalayan Foundation
  • and the Climate Neutral Network.
Shaklee also was a key contributor in working with Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai in an ongoing effort to reforest huge tracts of land on this continent, Africa and Asia. They just recently planted the one millionth tree. Shaklee's companywide philosophy of being climate neutral earned them the distinction of being recognized as the first company to totally offset its carbon emissions. This was over 9 years ago and they haven't stopped working to live up to their mission of being "In Harmony with Nature".

The power of a good cause marketing partnership can be seen in this letter from a local non-profit club written soon after they partnered with Shaklee.

"We are so pleased with the experience so far that we wanted to share with you haw we are doing. We really believe this is win/win for all concerned! Our association with Shaklee is only a few months old and we are already recognizing the benefits of this relationship. We received a bonus check of over $170 the very first month, and our bonus checks are immediately growing – nearly doubling in th last month, and this with no effort on our part.

The great part of this is how easy it works! We are always in need of funds for projects in the community, but manpower and financial support is always an issue. Now we even have an opportunity to think about expanding our programs as we watch this new steady stream of passive income provide the funding for additional activities.

The fact that Shaklee is so ethical in its approach, not only to partnerships, bit to its commitment to be a positive influence on individuals, the environment and the world matches our mission. Our members, as well as our community, will benefit from this partnership. We are grateful that (our club) has joined the Shaklee family."

It worked for this non-profit group and it can work for you too.

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