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A Healthy Life

No Matter What the Journey, Nothing Happens Until We Take that First Step

Healthy Life

A healthy life.  What exactly is a healthy life?

Do we have to run 3 miles every morning and eat only fresh grown vegetables or food bought from the health food store?

Is it living without aches and pains?  

How about living a life that is peaceful and full of joy and happiness?

Maybe its all of the above. 

A Healthy Life.  It can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  But that's the great thing about it.  We are all different and we are all at different places in our lives.  

Despite all those differences, we are all looking for something that can change our lives even if it's just a little bit.  Looking for that next piece of the puzzle that can improve what we have and where we are in life.

A Healthy Life is a place to go to find your piece of the puzzle.  Whether it is weight loss, stress, lack of energy, the chance to help prevent future disease or any one of the many things that could be keeping you from being your best, Healthy Life is all about getting you the answers you need.

The First Step...

This one always seems to be the hardest.

Change is hard.  As a physics teacher, I always think of Isaac Newton's 1st law that basically says things like to stay the same.  They won't change unless they are forced to change.

People are pretty much like that.  We don't like to change and many times we don't change unless we are forced to.   Maybe it was the birth of a child that made you decide to take better care of yourself.  Maybe your friend from high school died of a heart attach and he was only 48.

Whatever the reason you ended up here, don't stop.  You have taken that dreaded first step just by 'surfin the net' and looking for ways to improve you health.

Take the time to keep learning and then take a step at a time.  

It is amazing how much just a little change can make in how we feel.  And once you see the positives a little step can make you will want to take another and another until you are truly on your way to that Healthy Life.

Working Together...

I encourage to keep taking those steps, whatever they may be, towards a healthier life.  Finding a partner to help motivate and support you is a great way to stay on track.

I would love to be one of your partners on your journey.  Feel free to bookmark this site, sign up for my free bimonthly newsletter, or send me a quick email to ask me a question or share your success.  

None of us are perfect, but we don't have to be.  It's OK to be 'human' and enjoy ourselves.  But it's also OK to improve our health, after all, 

Our Health is Our Greatest Wealth!

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