A Healthy Pregnancy

Diet and Nutrition Become Even More Important


Sometimes this little life within Mom is a planned event and sometimes it is not. Therefore, if you are of childbearing age and pregnancy is possible it is of utmost importance you are prepared at all times.

Nutritional needs are increased during pregnancy and lactation. The value of a balanced and comprehensive nutritional supplement that complements Mom's food choices is critical. New Moms must ensure that all of their nutrient needs are met along with the needs of the developing life insider her.

Healthy Choices for BabyHealthy Choices

It is especially important to get sufficient amounts of the B vitamin folic acid, even before you get pregnant to help reduce the risk of the baby having a common type of birth defect.

Calcium needs increase during pregnancy and lactation. The RDA during pregnancy and lactation is 1200mg daily. A serving of a dairy product, like milk or yogurt provides about 200-300 mg of calcium.

PregnancyIf Mom does not get the calcium, it is to her disadvantage as the fetus will take it from her. Thus after pregnancy, many women develop dental problems as calcium is commonly taken from the bones, back, jaw and eyes when calcium is needed for the important "mission" of developing a baby.

Some women require supplementary iron during pregnancy. A blood test by the doctor can determine if this applies. A non synthetic iron supplement with vitamin C is best absorbed by the body. Otherwise, most irons will create constipation.

Most Americans can benefit from healthier sources of protein. A protein that has all the amino acids and which is not an animal protein, is beneficial. This is especially true for pregnant women.

pregnant coupleAccording to Dr. Tom Brewer MD, toxemia can be completely prevented by eating enough protein during pregnancy. (The Brewer Diet for Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy, co-authored with Gail Sforza Brewer) He states women who had more than 100 gms of protein per day had a zero percent chance of developing toxemia.

A note here; remember not all plant and soy protein is created equal.

I also read in my research that about half of all Toxemia is caused by poor elimination. Pregnant women need to be constantly detoxifying their body with good nutrition and a good detoxifying supplement if necessary. Good elimination and cleansing of the body inside will also reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

Keeping the body detoxified with lots of pure water and fruits, vegetables and perhaps a fiber powder that helps the body work on its own rather than making it "lazy" with laxitives, is recommended.

Child bearing years are very hard on a woman's body. Good natural food supplements can help to make it easier. Synthetic vitamins typically found in drug stores and supermarkets are not usually absorbed by the body and can actually do more harm than good. Take the time to find a good multivitamin that has clinical testing and research behind it.

You can do a lot for your baby's future health and wellness while the baby is developing and it will certainly make life easier after the baby is born to have a healthy contented child. Your own body will also be healthier after the birth if you take better care during pregnancy.

Supplementation, GOOD Supplementation makes a difference.

Another important supplement a pregnant woman needs is much more Omega 3. It is even more important during pregnancy because the fetus drains the mothers reserves for it's own development. Omega 3 fatty acids are critical for the development of the brain and eyes. The omega's can act also as a blood thinner, so it is important to be aware and to be sure the mid-wife and/or doctor is aware of the supplements the new Mom to be is taking during pegnancy.

(The following was contributed by Shirley Tomberlin - My Mom!)

Since I have studied the differences in supplements and taken a class to learn more about supplementation, I think I know why my children were so healthy and happy when they were born. With the knowledge I now have, I believe the baby took what was needed but the synthetic vitamin I took while pregnant did not fulfill what my body needed to maintain MY good health. The poor teeth I have had to take care of are a perfect example of this.

Think about it moms to be or grandma that you are. And if you need nutritional help, that is what I am all about, help.

I am in great health now because I found a company with real food supplements. I never could figure out how synthetic anything could create something "real" and whole and I feel from personal experience, I have found synthetic does NOT build a live cell.

Congratulatons and here's is to a happy and healthy life for both of you!

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Michael Tomberlin


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