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Weight Loss:

There is more to it than just Eating Less!

If you are reading this, you are probably like thousands of others who have had a yo-yo weight loss problem. Weight loss is something that almost everyone of us thinks about and is probably the number one New Year’s resolution.

Almost everyone
wants to drop a few pounds or maybe a lot of pounds so we look for an easy “diet” and plan to loose the weight overnight. A question we must ask ourselves is, “did the weight appear overnight? ” ; Probably not.
It is so much easier to gain weight for most people than to lose weight. And it certainly seems that weight comes off a lot slower than it was gained. However, men tend to lose weight faster due to a higher muscle mass.
There is no magic pill or magic diet to loose fat and weight; as much as we wish it were so.
Many things affect our weight loss or weight gain. Many of the factors that change our weight are self inflicted; such as snacking on high fat, calorie laden foods. Many of our habits are ones we don’t really realize we have. Some of these include, drinking products high in calories, cleaning up the dinner plates by eating the leftovers before scraping the dishes, and eating foods with high chemical calories. These things are natural and something we can see and hopefully change.

However, there are also things we don’t see or associate with weight loss or gain that many of us come in contact with on a daily basis. Some of these include:
  • eating foods high in synthetic hormones
  • using or working around harmful cleaning chemicals
  • using personal care products/skin care that are high in chemicals harmful to the body.
  • the air inside our homes has been determined by the EPA, to be more polluted than outside air

Chemicals, such as pesticides, dyes, pigments, perfumes and flavorings (stuff we are exposed to daily) may alter metabolic functions and promote weight gain, according to Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, M.D., Ph.D. Toxins can affect hormones, neurotransmitters and other control mechanisms and may upset the balance that helps maintain healthy body weight.
So is there an answer? Oh yes, as with everything, we can take control if we focus on what we truly want, which is a healthier, leaner body with more energy and clear healthy skin, hair and nails.
How do we go about this?
You heard it all before so most of these suggestions are not going to be new to you. But it never hurts to review and refresh our goals in our minds.
Beware of the fast weight loss diets that indicate it takes no work and they have a magic pill to do it all for you, or a magic drink. Check to see what is in that drink and how it builds healthy cells and a healthy body. Think of all the diet fads and pills you have seen over the years. Do you still see the “magic pill” that was all the craze last year being advertised this year?

Change habits, gradually. 

Trying to do everything and changing all the bad habits can create stress and you will quit trying to achieve your goals of increased weight loss and more muscle mass.

1. Take a day or even two and write down what you eat, and when you do it. Are these healthy habits? Then vow to change one habit at a time. If you feel really motivated, work on two habits to change to more positive habits.

Stress creates a situation where the body can not digest the food we eat or absorb the supplements we take. (Learn more about stress here----->)

Thus our goal becomes less achievable. One must handle the stress; take your walk, go to the health club, find some “me” time. Life is short and being overweight makes it possibly shorter.

2. Change the food you are eating.  Make it healthier as far as ingredients and healthier by the way of the growing process.

3.  We also want to be sure our products are chemical free. Chemicals and toxins can alter your metabolism and how your body functions. The ingredients found in your household cleaners, your lotions, your personal care and laundry products can affect the balance needed in your body and ultimately affect your weight. Even things such as fresh fruits and vegetables have chemicals attached to them.

Formaldehyde, a very dangerous toxin, has been found as a preservative in many home and personal care products. I prefer not to be “pickled” before my time.
Much more information can be found in the Body Restoration Plan by Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, an expert in Human Metabolism. Some of her top Detoxing Tips are:
  • Eat more organic foods.
    • Stop using artificial pesticides and herbicides around the house and garden.
  • Filter your water and drink lots of it.
  • Use organic skin care products as the body absorbs approximately 60% of what is put on the skin.
  • Ventilate your home, as levels of airborne toxins are usually far greater inside the home than out.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products .
All of these are great tips and are items I have tried to address throughout this website. Please remember to bookmark it and refer back to the many pages devoted to achieving a healthy life and a healthy planet.
But back to the purpose of this page and that was to help with weight loss.
We must realize when we cut back on the food we eat, we many times cut back on the nutrients our body needs. If we don’t eat enough of the proper nutrients, the body will take the nutrients needed from the muscles, the eyes, the brain, wherever it can be found.

This puts us in a vicious cycle:

  1. Eat less, skip meals.
  2. Lose Muscle Mass.
  3. Metabolism slows down.
  4. Poor or NO Weight loss.
  5. Cut back on eating (again!)
  6. Lose More Muscle Mass.
  7. Lose More Metabolism.
  9. .......
  10. Finally GIVE UP now in worse shape than we started.

We give up and find every excuse we can as to why we can not lose weight.

Its OK to cut back on calories, but you MUST give your body the protein and amino acids it needs so it will build muscle and increase metabolism instead of the opposite - the yo-yo cycle.

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This may be some thinking that has not presented itself to you before. Think about it.

Think about all the little things that can affect your weight and choose to change one or two of them. As you see success you will be able to change another and soon it will snowball into an avalanche of good!

And remember, it is up to you. You are what you think. What are your thoughts? 

You are in control.

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