Essential Vitamins and Supplements

What's really needed to stay healthy in our modern day lives?

What is meant by essential vitamins?

In my way of thinking, it means, the basic vitamins that give our bodies more of a chance to be healthy and fight off the damages dished out by stress, pollution, viruses, and poor quality of food; just to name a few.

What you Need to Know

Most of us know we can not get all the nutrition we need from the food we eat. The foods you get from your local grocery or convenience store are either over processed or have been picked too early, shipped too far and/or stored too long to retain the nutrition they should have. The decline in the nutritional value of foods is quite dramatic.

Organic food is a good option and can provide a much better nutrient value but organics are not always available and they can get pricey. But even organic food has lost some of its punch. The land and soil of many farms has been worked and often overworked to the point that it just doesn't provide the same quality it once did.

The Answer - Vitamins and Supplements

Enter supplementation; which means vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and immune strengthening supplements.

Supplements have a viable place in a strong healthy diet. But like food there is a quality product available but on the flip side there are many cheaper less appealing alternatives. The secret is knowing the difference and making the right choice for you and your family.

Understanding the difference between synthetic, natural and food source supplements can make all the difference in the world and of course in your health. It pays to understand the difference and compare vitamin types. Because even if you decide to add supplements to your diet, choosing the wrong type can actually make things worse than taking nothing at all.

Which Vitamins and Supplements are essential?

The question of essential vitamins is a tough one to answer because everyone is so different. Your age, genetics, gender and the environmental conditions you live in can all affect your health and determine what the essential vitamins are for you.

For this article, the essential vitamins and supplements I choose are based on the typical needs of the average person. These are just the bare minimums most people need but you are unique and should create a supplementation plan based on your individual needs.

If you have specific needs or just want to learn more about a variety of supplements, the entire spectrum of vitamins or the essential minerals we all need to survive, you should take a look at those areas in more detail.

The list below will give your body a good foundation and keep you from being deficient in some of the critical cell building nutrients.

List of Essential Vitamins and Supplements


A well balanced multi-vitamin is more often than not being recommended by the medical field. A good multi vitamin should be one that is in balance and addresses the needs of the human body. When looking for a good multivitamin, make sure it has 100% of the daily requirements for trace minerals. Check to see if it has additives such as sugar or anything artificial. (Remember, we are looking for essential vitamins, not man made additives.) And of course make sure it is going to be absorbed by your body. Swallowing it is the easy part. Getting it absorbed by the body and into the bloodstream isn't always guaranteed.

Vitamin C

A must for the cell integrity, health of the eyes, the teeth, the gums, the bones, the muscles, the blood vessels and the immune system. If it has to help that many things, we want a product that is beyond reproach.


Vitamin B supplements must be balanced with all eight essential B's. A high quality B-complex helps the health of the cardiovascular system, the energy production, and helps the body use carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is now known the B vitamin, folic acid, may reduce the risk of a mother delivering a child with brain or spinal cord birth defects.

Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant, E helps promote the health of the heart, the prostate, the lungs, the colon, and increases immune function. When looking for vitamin E, look for the d-alpha tocopherol, which is the real deal as opposed to the synthetic dl-alpha tocopherol.


Protein is a must for energy and cell growth and repair, A quality soy protein is one alternative to the traditional red meat sources. Be sure that is has all the amino acids our body does not make. Again look for one that is natural and water washed and is not genetically engineered. This is a product that made such a difference in my life, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Fish oil, is a must for so many reasons. It has many healthy benefits such as helping the heart, the skin, and even brain function. It has even helped some people ward off arthritis Look for one that is not contaminated with mercury nor "cooked" to death during extraction. 

Immune System Booster

And finally, it is essential to have a product that balances the immune system, helping it work and protect the body using the body's natural interferon can be a real plus in protecting ones health.

What do you need?

Remember we are all individuals and this list is a basic starting point. One of the main reasons we have created this website is to provide information about health and environmental concerns.

There are literally hundreds of products available to you in stores and on the internet. The most important - Essential - ingredient has become the vitamin/supplement company. It is critical that you take the extra step of finding a reliable company with safe, clinically tested and patented products.

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