Toxic Home Products

Part IV: Toxic Home

Many Household Products are Hazardous to Your Health!

Have you ever really looked at the things you buy at your local convenience store? Things you take for granted that you bought to help keep you and your home clean are actually turning it into a Toxic Home!

They smell good and they have a pretty package and they are sitting on the shelves of a well known store made by a well known company so these products MUST be safe.

I mean the government and/or big business is always looking out for us - RIGHT!?!

Things like bleach, ammonia, petroleum, acids, alcohol and formaldehyde are a few of the ingredients with names we might at least recognize. All can be toxic in their own way.

What's in the products that is soooo bad?

But what about all those chemicals listed that you can't even hardly pronounce. Things like Perchloroethylene, 1-1-1 trichloroethane, sodium sulfate, naphthalene, paradichlorobenzene, phenol, and methylene chloride are just a few of these man made toxic chemicals that live in your soaps, cleaners, shampoos, lotions and other household products.

Still not sure if its that big a deal - Take a look at a list of materials to see all the health risks and toxins involved with the toxic home products many of us use everyday. All the information came straight from the actual manufacturers Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and National Poison Control Centers.

(Another scary fact is companies are required to have many of these chemicals stored in special locations with safety sheets and warning signs visibly posted. Some must even be under lock and key. All employees who handle them must be trained and wear precautionary clothing.)

In fact, right now (May 2011) there is a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and Wal-Mart for selling Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo that allegedly contains a toxic chemical (methylene chloride) that was banned by the FDA because it is linked to cancer. Target was also being investigated for a Bath and Body Wash but they were not yet named in the lawsuit.

So how's that for big business looking out for you and your better health interests. Toxic home products don't seem to bother them at all.

I mean how much worse can it get when the company that says it's "The Family Company" on their commercials is putting known toxins in BABY SHAMPOO.

That's like kicking puppies or bashing baby seals for their fur. Maybe it is time for consumers to step up and show some outrage like they would if that's what they were doing.

Or better yet, hit them where it really hurts. Stop buying their toxic products and start supporting those companies and products that do the research to create products that are safe, healthy and still get the job done.

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