Food Supplements vs. Natural Vitamins?

Synthetic, Natural, Organic -
What does it all mean and should I really care?

Natural, All Natural, 99% pure – these are just a few of the words that are splashed across the packages lining the supermarket shelves and across websites springing up on your computer screen. But what does it mean to be all natural? Is it worth the extra money or is it just another marketing scam?

With vitamins there are really 3 different kinds you can find that are being produced. Each has its own unique characteristics. It is up to YOU to decide what you want to put into your body.

Vitamin/Supplement Comparison Chart
  Synthetic Natural Extract Food Supplement
Where to Find
Typical Drug and Convenience Store
Health Food Stores
Typically special order
How it's Made
Man made in a laboratory
individual vitamin is extracted from the food source and combined with fillers to make a pill
Whole food compressed into tablet - no heating
Bad Stuff
contains tar, plastics, coal, man made chemicals, stimulants, side effects

typically low quality raw materials, fillers and harsh binders, stimulants

Good Stuff
organic/natural vitamin extract, some enzymes
strong enzymes, high quality orgainic raw materials, balanced nutrition, unaltered food source

A quick look at the table definitely puts synthetic vitamins off my list. So it really comes down to natural vitamins vs. food supplements.

Natural Isolate and Organic Extract Vitamins

While these vitamins are definately a step up from the synthetics, they still contain much of the same bad stuff the synthetics contain, they just add a natural extract taken from a food source. (typically these food sources are not the highest quality available)

These vitamins extract just the vitamin needed but leave behind all the other vitamins, proteins, and nutrients that are found in the food source. The single vitamin is extracted using chemicals and heat which typically kills or reduces the potency of the vitamin in question.

This extract is combined together with fillers and binders to hold those fillers together. These fillers are made up of things like tar, coal, plastics and other man made chemicals. There are also lots of artificial colors and flavors added to many of the products to make them look and taste wonderful...

Food Supplements

Food supplements are merely food in a different form. They maintain the balance of the original food.

Natural Balance

Food supplements are derived from natural high quality raw materials. Things such as fruits and vegetables. Each food source is selected because of its natural composition and make up. Maybe it is high in calcium or vitamin C so it would be selected for a calcium supplement or a vitamin C supplement.

The mixture of foods are reduced down to a tablet size using pressure - not heat. This removes the fiber and water but leaves the vitamins, minerals and nutrients just as they were - strong and potent just like the original whole food.

Heat and Chemicals vs. Raw Food

Neither heat nor chemicals are used when creating the whole food tablet because these harm the nutritional value and especially the enzymes found in the food.

Enzymes are natural chemical compounds that are needed in your body to convert food to energy and to make things like hormones and antibodies essential to maintaining good health.

Enzymes that are exposed to heat over 120 degreees are destroyed. A good food supplement will never expose the raw materials to this amount of heat.

Really All Natural

Good food supplements contain only the food sources and do NOT contain any extra artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. They are also made from food sources that are grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Only One Real Choice

If you look at what each of the supplement types have to offer you should come to the same conclusion I have that there really is only one choice.

Natural Food Supplements provide the nutrition you need without any extra toxic stuff you don't.

And yes, you probably will think they are expensive. But if you have ever been to the doctor and had to pay a bill you know treating symptoms can get very expensive very fast. I would much rather pay out a little extra now and maintain good health rather then be sick later and pay lots to a doctor or hospital.

Just think of natural whole food supplements as your real Health Insurance!

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