Successful Cause Marketing

Will the Average Consumer Change Their Buying Habits

 to Support a Non-Profit Organization?

Cause Related Marketing has been receiving a lot of attention as it becomes the new "in" thing to do. Many companies as well as Non-Profit organizations are joining together in partnerships to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

If you are a non-profit group and are thinking about trying out this new way of generating funds but you are unsure of how it works or if it really does work the following statistics might be of interest to you.

Cause Marketing campaigns really do have an impact on the perception and behaviors of the general public. So not only will you have the opportunity to increase your fundraising capabilities through sales to your group members and those immediately close to you, but you can create sales, and therefore funds, from consumers throughout your area and really expand to a more national and even global scale.
Take a look at these statistics on consumer habits and values:

  1. 92% of consumers consider it important for corporations to contribute to nonprofits.
  2. Close to 90% of teenagers said they would switch to a brand affiliated with a good cause, if price and quality were equal.
  3. 76% of American consumers surveyed have taken part in at least one cause-related marketing campaign.
  4. 60% of consumers surveyed planned to buy a product that had a portion of the purchase price being donated to a cause while shopping during the 2004 holiday season.
  5. 77% of women and 64% of men considered a company's reputation for supporting causes when purchasing gifts during the 2003 holiday season.
  6. 48% of American and British consumers surveyed reported that they had been motivated by a cause-related marketing campaign to change brands, use a product more, try new products, or get information about new products.
  7. 20% of European consumers surveyed said they would pay more for a product if it were affiliated with a good cause.
  8. Surveyed consumers rated a company more highly in the categories of trust, endorsement, bonding, and innovation when they knew the company took part in cause-related marketing efforts.
  9. Corporate citizenship practices are more important than brand reputation or financial factors when shaping consumer impressions, according to an international survey of 25,000 people.

So you can see that people are ready to support a good cause. They want to do their part to help Non-Profit organizations. A Cause Marketing solution gives everyone the chance to do good and support those in need. By redirecting spending to products that are similar in price it doesn't place a financial burden on the average consumer so it creates a win-win situation. Consumers get what they need and they feel good about it because they are lending support and Non-Profits get the support they need without burdening their community.

Now that's the kind of Fundraising I like – One that makes Dollars and Sense!

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