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A program dedicated to achieving the next level on the ladder to success!

Like most people starting a new business, I was constantly looking for the magic bullet that would propel me to the next level and make it possible for me to finally claim success.

But like most SUCCESSFUL people I found that there is no magic bullet.  There is only hard work, commitment and educating yourself on how to earn success.  

MultiLevelMarketing is a great business plan but if not done right can be a very disheartening one.  95% of those who start an MLM business fail.  It is not that they don't try it is that they haven't been taught the right way to be successful.

The main thing I have learned on my journey is that you are never done learning.  Education is critical to success.  When I figured out I had to stop each day and spend 30 minutes reading and then repeat that time listening to a tape or watching a webinar is when I figured out how to start making real success.  

I learned how to MakeLifeMore.

I learned that it is OK to struggle and make some mistakes.  It is OK to emulate those that have succeeded and copy what they have done.  Don't reinvent the wheel, just turn it so it is going down your path.

Be Honest,  Be Trustworthy, and Be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Most of all Be Committed.  

Be committed to yourself, your goals and the path that will get your there. Be committed to educating yourself everyday.  

As a veteran High School teacher I truly know that education is the key to success.

MakeLifeMore is a culmination of things I have learned over the past few years.  Lessons learned from struggle, failure and of course success.  

Please join me on my quest to achieve a new life where we are the boss, we are in control.  It is possible to MakeLifeMore.

Expect Success, Create Success!

M. Tomberlin

Mike Tomberlin

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