Bumps on the skin

by Sandy
(New Mexico, USA)

I read with interest your story about your son on your site newsletter. Can you go into more detail as to the supplements he is taking. Would you consider the bumps warts?

Thanks for the question Sandy. I am including the section of the newsletter that you are talking about so that others who didn't read it can understand what you are talking about.

Here it is....

As I was sitting here trying to decide what to write about for my closing to the March Newsletter, I kept thinking about some of the difficulties I have had during the past year. But one morning about a week ago, I saw a success story that made me think I should change the way I was thinking and start looking at the little successes that were happening all around me.

My son has had troubles with a skin problem for the past couple of years. He started getting these little bumps on his forehead. At first we just thought they were little heat bumps and we didn't worry about it. We came to learn they were little warts but again they were up kind of under his bangs so we didn't worry about it. Then he started to get warts on his hands and knees and all over his FACE!

Well kids can be cruel and we were worried about how they would treat him at school.

So we decided that we would look for a natural solution since the doctors never seemed to be any help. We started giving him a regimen of vitamins from Shaklee. And you know what....

Not only did the warts stop getting worse, they WENT AWAY COMPLETELY! About a week after he started taking the new vitamins, the bumps were GONE. He was such a happy kid. Now that is the kind of success story a parent loves.

And its not just this one thing, but I have noticed how the kids we deal with at the schools and daycares we work at are getting sick right and left. The flu or the 'bug of the week' is making its rounds. Even my peers have been succumbing to life's little illnesses.

But when I started thinking back over the past few years, I can only think of one time where my 6 kids really caught anything and were 'sick'. That one time was the week I ran out of the kids multivitamins.

So I am learning to look at those little things that make life a success and to stay out of the pit of doubt.

I want to wish everyone their own success and I encourage you to look around at your life's little successes.

Now to answer your questions...

I have always been giving my son (and all my kids) a good multivitamin and a Vitamin B complex. To help with the warts, I started giving him Zinc, Vitamin E, and an immune system booster. He has also been taking a doctor prescribed ADD medicine so I started giving a probiotic to help him rid himself of some of the toxins that might be building up in his body.

The warts and bumps really started going away very quickly. He had a few that had just started showing up on his face near his mouth and they seemed to disappear overnight.

The small ones that literally covered his forehead and had been there for a coupe of years were gone within the week.

I can't say this would work for everyone, but I can't argue with the success we have had with these vitamins and supplements we have been taking. We are thrilled and he is one happy little guy!

Since you asked me the question I did a little more research to see if anyone else had seen success like we did.

I found these two testimonials...

Testimonial 1

"This 2 1/2 year old has had warts for two years and then the warts started spreading to his face. Warts were growing on top of warts. They had tried everything including freezing and over the counter products. They started using (the products I am using) in 2005 but were using the products “hit & miss” and were not consistent. They also tried using (these products) with other products from the health food store.

This went on for a year until I approached the family with a challenge. Use (this company's) products ONLY for one month and if you don't see any results your money will be refunded in full. They agreed to this...

After 6 weeks ALL the warts (about 30) were COMPLETELY gone."

Testimonial 2

"I had warts in the corners of my mouth and on my hands. I had the ones on the mouth lasered off , (they kept coming back), and inside of my mouth
were removed by an oral surgeon. (A friend said) I needed to get my Zinc to the safe level of 60 mg. As long as I do that, my warts are gone, but if I back down on the amount, they come back. She also said that if my skin is dry, that is another sign of needing the EPA's, and people get warts because of that also. She recommended, (a couple of immunity boosters), which I take. But the addition of more zinc was the key. And in the process, I got my taste and smell back also!"

So you can see that your body can heal itself if it has the right building blocks.

I removed the names of the people, the company and the product names from the two testimonials. If you would like to know more about exactly what these people took and the company they used for their supplements be sure to Contact Me.

Here is to your success and to your health.

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