The Next Revolution:
A Health and Wellness Revolution

Be a part of the Change!

Today more than ever, there is a revolution taking place in America and even around the world. It's a health and wellness revolution. People have grown sick and tired of being sick and tired.

When Health and Wellness companies spend more money on marketing and gimmicks then they do on good products there is something wrong. And like any revolution, it is up to the people to create change.

Big money rules the day. Marketing before research, gimmicks before science - all trends that must be stopped if we are to achieve true health and wellness. But the only way to create the change is to be proactive and take charge of your own health destiny.

You must look past the fancy website and pretty packaging. Empty promises of instant weight loss, improved health and more energy sound great and often get consumers to purchase these products. But after the initial sale and excitement, the product performance is usually lacking. Poor research and product development will show up in the long run and end up disappointing you.

The Healthcare System

Distrust in the health and wellness industry grows and poor health and chronic disease grows along with it. Pharmaceutical companies only add to this cycle. These companies and really most of the healthcare system are set up to treat symptoms.

The instant gratification of temporary relief is the driving force behind the health care system. Rarely is there a drug or treatment that actually cures a disease.

The healthcare system is built on a reactive approach to care rather than a proactive approach.

All this does is keeps people buying the prescriptions and going to doctors. It slowly drives them in a downward spiraling financial crisis on top of the health care issues they face every day.

3.4 BILLION Prescriptions are written each year in America. That means that every single person in the U.S would have received 11 prescriptions last year.

I bet everyone diligently went out and filled those prescriptions right away. Even if it was a financial burden - maybe you moaned and groaned a little, but you still bought 'em and took 'em.

Supplement Your Solution

But if I told you to go out and buy a few vitamins and supplements most of you would roll your eyes and ignore what I had to say. Even if there was research and proof that these supplements could help you avoid the need for many of those prescriptions.

Not convinced that health and wellness requires more than just a good healthcare system. Take a look at this statistic - America ranks at the top in Emergency medicine and available healthcare but we rank 72nd out of 191 countries in our overall health. All this despite paying more than these other countries.

But that is changing. THAT IS THE REVOLUTION!

With education and experience, many health conscious consumers have chosen to be proactive in their health care. Making the decision to not become another health care statistic caught in the never ending cycle of treating symptoms. Instead they have chosen a path that promotes wellness and disease prevention.

The health and wellness issues Americans face today cannot be solved by prescription drugs or surgical procedures. Getting healthy as a nation and as individuals can only be achieved through change - A health and wellness revolution.

The human body is an amazing machine and it works very well when it is given the right materials. What you put in your body everyday by eating, drinking, breathing and even applying things to your skin determines how well that body will function. Take the time to learn more about the things you put in your body.

Join the Health and Wellness Revolution

Do the best you can with the resources you have to use products that are as close to all natural as possible. In our modern world of "let's process everything", that can be difficult.

That is why good vitamins and supplements are so important in our modern industrialized world. It has become virtually impossible to provide your body with the nutrition it needs while avoiding toxins and synthetic materials in a normal diet.

Vitamins and supplements are the perfect compliments to a proactive health care plan.

**CAUTION** Not all vitamins and supplements are created equal. Many of the supplements lining the shelves of the local store and filling the webpages in the virtual drug store are synthetic wanna-bees filled with toxins and petroleum fillers.

You cannot trust everything you see and hear from the national media or the health care industry. Take charge of your own health and find a company that invests in research and development not in marketing and glitz.

This is the best way to become part of the solution, a part of the Health and Wellness Revolution!

The number one reason of all reasons (people) turn on the Internet is to find out information about health and wellness. HEALTH is the most popular subject on the web. ~Paul Zane Pilzer

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Michael Tomberlin


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