Women's Health

Women Face Special Issues Exclusive to Their Gender

Women are special. The issues they face everyday are also special and have a profound effect of Women's Health.

Women are caretakers. But quite often they are even more.

A Woman's Role brings on many Health Issues

Women's HealthA woman is an individual, but quite often she takes on several roles from wife and mother to housekeeper and employee to nurse and counselor. She may be in all the previously mentioned roles or she may make her career the focus. Quite often women today are taking on both roles, mother and career woman.


With any of these roles there comes a big responsibility. However, women often focus on health care for their spouse and children, while neglecting their own health. Taking time to maintain good health is crucial, for yourself and for your family members. In today's world there is more stress and taking on dual roles of mother and provider only increases that for women. Stress can cause many adverse health problems and shouldn't be overlooked as just part of our daily lives.


Safe Cleaner AlternativesToxins are another huge concern. Today, more than at any time in our history, there are more toxins bombarding our bodies. Studies have shown a stay at home mom has a higher possibility of developing cancer due to the toxic products generally used in the home for cleaning.

Even your cosmetics and skin care products can be creating adverse affects with your health today and in the future.


A lot of women have poor diets both because of societal pressures to look like the model in the magazine and/or they just don't take the time to eat correctly. This can be especially true of younger women and teens.

A woman "must" take care of herself now by maintaining proper nutrition to live a long and healthy life into the future..

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Weight Loss

At an early age, anemia is quite often a problem. Women need iron, one the body can absorb, to keep up their energy.


Infertility, breast cancer, hypoglycemia are major concerns for a woman with poor nutrition. She has a good chance to be plagued by these maladies as well as endometriosis, which inhibits the possibility of pregnancy if she does not provide her body with the necessary vitamins and supplements.

PMS and Menopause can also be affected by nutrition or the lack of it.

As mentioned earlier, weight gain and obesity are both something most women worry about. Diet and proper nutrition are often ignored. Too much bad food or too little good can both be harmful.

Healthy Choices

Weight gain, however, seems inevitable for many women (and really all of us) and the older she gets, the harder it is to keep off the weight. A healthy diet and ultimately the woman's health are compromised again.

Then the menopause stage of life enters the picture. This can change everything. After menopause the body changes and different health issues pop up. An good example is osteoporosis - the chance of getting it increase after menopause.

Wow, women have a challenge in life!

But all of these challenges can be taken care of early on in life if girls and women will make focus on diet. Even a halfway focus on the diet and a really great supplementation program can be like money in the bank. The nutrition your body recieves will build and provide great benefits later in life.

Even for those women who didn't take care of their body when they were young, there is still hope. While some issues and diseases are genetic in nature, a good diet and proper nutrition can help to minimize everyone's risk and increase your chances of staying healthy. It is never too late to start down the right path.

And it doesn't mean you have to give up everything you love. It just means to make a few better choices, focus on yourself and your health and think moderation.

A good answer for many women can be found through implementing products that have been researched and proven to be able to help provide better health. They have been proven to help improve women's health and their energy. You can actually feel younger and have more energy than a lot of women younger than you. There is an answer.

Part of the answer started with a Landmark Nutritional Study done by UC Berkeley. It showed that people who followed a specific plan had markedly better health indicators than those not following it.

As a Shaklee Independent Distributor, I have been taking health and wellness products for many years now. I can see the difference in my health and my families health. And while am not a woman, I have seen first hand the improved health of the women in my life. My Mom swears by the Soy protein and the energy it gives her to get up and go everyday.

You are obviously looking for a way to improve your health or you wouldn't have found yourself on this page or have read this far. Have the courage to take the next step. It doesn't take much to get started but it does take action.

I love to help people and share my story and what I have learned. I am not here to "sell" but to "share". The rest is up to you.

The ball is in your court.

What can I do for you?

What can you do for yourself?

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Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.

To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

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