Vitamin A (aka Beta Carotene)

Also known as Beta Carotene can be a great immune system stabalizer

Vitamin A is very important for many things. However, we can take too much vitamin A and in large doses it can be toxic taken over a period of time.

Beta Carotene on the other hand is a pre-form of Vitamin A and is not toxic.

In fact, I have seen people who have taken so much Beta Carotene their skin has an orange tinge to it.

Beta Carotene is the safe form of vitamin A. The body makes on demand the vitamin A it needs from the Beta Carotene. Beta Carotene is essentially concentrated carrots, so to speak.

Beta Carotene is a must for healthy mucous membranes and is also known to be an immune system stabilizer. As such, it is very good for people with allergies, or other immune system problems.

I have found a Beta Carotene product that has been researched and is very concentrated. My mom had a great experience using this product. It really helped her eyes.

You know those little black spots some people profess to see? They really are there and she really did see them, but if she takes this product, she doesn’t have the black spot problem.  It might work for you too!

As a free radical fighter and antioxidant, Beta Carotene takes the limelight. I (and my Mom) won’t do without it.

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