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Opportunity is a key word when looking to create a home business. Opportunity to create something that is truly worth while and not just a scam is something I think I have actually discovered.

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Like most of you reading this, I have tried the various programs and “get rich quick” schemes that you watch on late night TV or that constant pop up on your computer screen or in your emails.

And like most of you these things didn’t work for me.

I think I finally have come to the realization that if it seems to good to be true it might be just that.

A truly worthwhile home based business is one in which you actually have to do some work. It’s a strange idea and an idea that most of the home business opportunities we hear about fail to mention.

All you see or hear is “I made $500 today and I only worked 15 minutes”. And while it might happen, it is the exception and not the rule.

What would you spend to create a future?

I have discovered two separate opportunities that I think actually will work. They both require some time and some commitment. But they are both from solid companies that stand behind you and don’t just take an initial fee and say “good luck”.

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The first opportunity I would like to introduce you to is in the health and wellness industry.

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Within the last century, American eating habits changed dramatically with the introduction of soft drink, fast foods, and processed foods. No longer does the average American family purchase fresh food; preparing and cooking it at home. Instead, they open a jar, a can or a box, preheat everything and serve the resulting product as a “well balanced” meal. The alternative is to stop at a fast food establishment and bring home a pre-cooked meal of similar dietary deficiencies.

In response to this dietary transformation, our physical health has taken a turn for the worst. The foods we eat are over processed, contain too much salt, sugar, and preservatives, and lack many of the essential ingredients necessary for good health. We spend our time in front of the television, the computer, and hand held devices. The result; we are creating a nation of overweight, unhealthy people.

Medicine changed accordingly. In the above mentioned time period, most infectious diseases were controlled or eradicated. No longer are diphtheria, smallpox, and similar major diseases of concern in most industrialized nations. Instead, most medical consultations are for degenerative ailments created by a lack of proper diet and exercise. Health care professionals are treating symptoms rather than curing illnesses.

Knowledgeable people are turning to preventive health care as a means of avoiding degenerative symptoms. These people are searching for good health through appropriate food products, adequate and clinically researched supplementation, as well as suitable personal health care; consequently the Health and Wellness industry is booming. This is called the Wellness Revolution as well as an Economic Revolution.

Not only does the wellness opportunity lie in distribution of wellness products, but in the information distribution, the intellectual distribution.

Paul Zane Pilzer, in his The Perfect Storm of Opportunity

, states that consumers learn about the latest products by word-of-mouth. The expert passes on not only the how and why, but also adds personal experience and credibility.

The distribution of products, personally and on the Internet, combined with the needs and desires of these people, is creating an opportunity to build a worldwide business. Home based businesses, home offices, are creating a market of tremendous potential for an aspiring entrepreneur. All that is required is a dedication and commitment to personal wealth. Pilzer also states through his study of economics for over 3 decades, the best system he has ever seen for intellectual distribution is the direct selling business, also called one-to-one marketing, network marketing, referral marketing or relationship marketing. Intellectual distribution is taken to its pinnacle by this home- based business model.

Being able to spend less time physically traveling on or to the job, and creating a business through an internet marketing site, combined with the ability to pass this on to your children is a dream coming true. Once again Pilzer states the direct selling opportunity allows people to begin to captain their own ship, choose the hours they work, and through their own activity levels choose how and when to increase their income.

Pilzer recommends a person investigate a Wellness product or Service as well as invest the time and money, usually less than a few hundred dollars, into the product or service they can become passionate about.

I offer you a reputable company with credibility, longevity, research, clinical studies and a CEO/Owner with a vision. Being an independent distributor with this company will provide you with the opportunity to create a lifestyle of choice with the financial benefits to support such a way of life. Available training, coaching and worldwide marketing is available personally or on the Web. The next step is here:

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The second home business opportunity I have recently come across that I think has great potential is the opportunity to use the internet to create a website that allows you to share your knowledge and your expertise and in doing so create a home based business.

There are many places that will sell you opportunity to have a webpage but (as I have personally found out) beware of what they actually give you for your money.

The website you are reading is what this company has helped me to create and is still helping me to build into a site that I can be proud of and also one that I can get out there for others to see and not just sit in obscurity in the dark corners of the World Wide Web.

I have taken both these opportunities and I invite you to do the same.

I do caution you though. If you are looking for a home business opportunity that claims to make you tons of money without really doing any work then this is not the place for you.

Stop and ask yourself... “What’s my goal, what am I trying to achieve with a home based business?”

Your honest response gives focus to what you want to do. Do you want to make $100 per month?... $500?... $2,000?... $10,000? What level of income are you shooting for? Are you planning for this business to become your primary income?

The second question to ask yourself...

“How many hours per day do I want to work at the home business opportunity I choose?”

One hour? Two? Eight?

Now compare your two answers. Are they in sync with each other? The amount of time and energy that you put into a home business will determine what kind of commission check you receive in the mail each month.

So if you are truly ready to start something then look around and find something that truly is an honest worthwhile adventure with a solid company.

These are two that I recommend, but look around, do some research.

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Good luck, and feel free to contact me.

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